Buenos Aires’ Mexican Children Nurtured and Supported

Provision of Hope would like to introduce you to our partner Voice in the Wilderness. The collaboration between Provision of Hope and Voice in the Wilderness has been so helpful for supporting the Hidden Manna Children’s Ministry. Steven and Theresa Frey serve as missionaries with Voice in the Wilderness Ministries in Cd. Valles, Mexico. Steven has served in this field for more than 2 decades. Karen & David Barkman have been on mission trips with Steven and have met Cristina and Javier, the national pastors of this work in Cd. Valles and surrounding indigenous areas. They helped to build Javier’s church in Solidaridad.  Karen and Steven are cousins and grew up doing mission work in Northern Ontario where Steven’s parents were missionaries.  Provision of Hope Mexico has partnered with Voice in the Wilderness since 2017.  This partnership started with Organic Farming, a sewing school, and a feeding center. 

Today Provision of Hope focuses mostly on the Feeding Center as they reach out to more and more indigenous children. They disciple them and teach them how to have a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cristina Nuñez Zuñiga has dedicated herself to caring for underprivileged children in Buenos Aires. Starting with a small feeding program under a tree eighteen years ago, she and her husband provided meals from their own supplies. Now, they see many of those children grown up and giving back. Some of today’s participants are the children of those they first served, showing the lasting impact of their dedication.
Steven & Theresa 2
Steven & Theresa.
Cristina with the Children.

“Your ongoing generosity towards the Hidden Manna Children’s Ministry has made a tremendous difference in the lives of children and their parents, especially the mothers, in the squatters village of Buenos Aires.” says Cristina.

Their “flock,” as Steven & Theresa call the children, has grown significantly, now including many adults, primarily the children’s mothers. They provide not only nutritious meals but also spiritual nourishment. As a result, independent youth and adult churches have developed and are thriving at the facilities.

Kids eating
Children enjoy a nutritious meal.
nutritious meals
Delicious meals are prepared every week.
Cristina and team are fortunate to work with many new women, often mothers and grandmothers of children in the Feeding Program, who have found peace and joy through faith despite difficult backgrounds. Cristina assists them in developing home-based industries like handcrafts, sewing, and baking to support their families while spreading the gospel message. In March, Theresa Frey from Canada taught the women how to bake cakes, desserts, and pizzas using only a frying pan, as most don’t have ovens. Many are already using these skills to make items for sale, bringing joy to their families!
Theresa demonstrating pan-cooking recipes to the women!
Javier and Cristina 3

Pastor Javier with his wife Cristina and their 3 sons.  This photo was taken at Christmas.

Provision of Hope is delighted to partner in this work!  It’s making a significant impact on the lives of the children. We want to thank Pastor Fred Erb and the Listowel Community Church for the funding they provide through Provision of Hope. Thank you for all our donors who generously give! May God abundantly bless you!


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