Otis & Benetta’s Hope Home

Otis and Benetta, have 12 children living at their home and are admired for their exemplary parenting and unwavering faith in God. For years, Otis has been taking in children who have lost their parents or whose families are unable to support them.

It was through meeting Janjay at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in 2008 that Karen Barkman first heard of Otis. Janjay is Otis and Marthaline’s oldest son. At that time Janjay did not know whether his parents had survived the war. Click here to read more about this fantastic story!

In 2012, Otis lost his first wife, Marthaline, and his sister moved in to help with childcare.

Years later, Otis met Benetta. Benetta lost her husband earlier and was alone as a widow with her young son Cyrus Jones. What a joyous day it was in 2019 when Otis and Benetta wed!

The kids are well looked after, taught to prioritize schoolwork and help with chores. They attend study sessions after school and gather for devotions every morning and evening, learning about Jesus’s love and teachings as they grow up.

Otis operates a pharmacy and raises pigs to support the household income, while Benetta, a talented seamstress, manages a small tailoring shop.

Otis & Benetta with their children

Reuben Dyega

Grade 12

Dabozee Dyega

Grade 12

Ma Hawa Dyega Gr. 11

Ma Hawa Dyega

Grade 11

Ruth Dyega

Grade 11

James Dyega

Grade 6

Cyrus Jones

Grade 7

John Kollie Smith

Grade 7

Nelson Dyega

Grade 7

Darius Tommy

Grade 3

Dehyeatee Tommy

K -1

Madee Vah Gr. 7 (1)

Madee Vah

Grade 7