Dapae and Rita’s Hope Home

Dapae and Rita came from the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana, where they fled during Liberia’s civil war. They have always had a heart for widows and orphans. This is what they give their lives to. They are exceptional Hope Home parents who keep taking in more children who need a home. If only every child affected by the wars or extreme poverty could experience the love these parents provide. Dapae is the senior pastor in their local church and Rita leads worship and prayer.

Frank and Linda Doiron from Manitoba Canada have been very helpful in resettling Dapae and Rita back to Liberia in 2008. Later they started fundraising to help us build them a beautiful 4 bedroom home. Over the years they have established a strong relationship.

It is a pleasure to work alongside this lovely family. These children are growing up with confidence in the Lord. They are already becoming powerful and influential leaders that make an impact.

For years Dapae has been distributing rice to the widows in their church and community.

In August 2023, Dapae and Rita opened a new Christian school in Maryland County for Kindergarten to Grade 3. They named it Mother Dapae Academic Foundation School. 

Family Photo on a Sunday Morning (2)

Dapae & Rita with their Children

Felecia Dapae (1)

Felecia Dapae

University student, Biology major

Dapae with his Grandson, Romeo Praise Dolopie

Phillip Dapae

Grade 11

Precilla Nimley

Grade 10

Odell Solo Gr. 10

Odell Solo

Grade 10

Rita Bobby Weah

Grade 10

Felecia Koffa

Grade 10

Samuel Wilson

Grade 10

Mary Wah

Grade 8

Linda Dapae

Grade 7

Destiny Mah


Frank Wah


Roxie Doe


Rita Torboh


Levi Freeman


Collins Appleton

Grade 11 ( Lives with his uncle, POH funds his school)