Meet the Team

Karen Barkman

Karen Barkman - Founder of Provision of Hope

Karen Barkman is the Executive Director of Provision of Hope Liberia, Inc. She has a background in nursing and accounting. Karen lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband David. Reaching children at risk has become her passion. This is what drew her to Liberia in 2003 right after the last civil war.
“Seeing the poverty-stricken children, left hopeless, stirred such a depth of compassion in me,” Karen shares. “I knew in my heart I would do all I could in my lifetime to make a difference for some of these suffering ones.”

It is always Karen’s goal to see the national people empowered so they can become sustainable. “My greatest joy is taking someone by the hand and then watching them walk on their own as they journey towards fulfilling their very own dream,” says Karen. “This is what makes me come alive!”

Malcom Harris

Malcolm Harris is our National Director and oversees all Administration and Financial Management of our projects. Malcolm joined Provision of Hope in August 2009. He is a graduate of the Maranatha University in Ghana.

Daniel Keamue

Daniel Keamue is our accountant with a BSc in Business Management. He has been with us since 2005 when we opened up My Father’s House, which was our first Youth Home for high school boys.

Daniel Coleman

Daniel 10
Daniel Coleman is the Director of Mercy Ministry. He is in charge of our Widow Programs including Mat to Mattress.  Daniel has been with us since 2005 as a high school student. Daniel is a graduate of AMEZU University with a degree in Criminal Law.

John Kucuyoiyoigee

John K 5
John Kucuyoiyoigee is our Director of Organic Agriculture for all of Liberia. John is a certified Organic Agricultural Trainer with a BA in Education. He took his training through the THRIVE INSTITUTE online.  Their courses are structured according to the four pillars of Thrive and their proven Life Gardens methodology.
Their four pillars are 1) Organic Gardening 2) Nutrition 3) Natural Medicine and 4) Income Generation. Thrive for Good has taught us how to go about training farmers in rural communities in various counties of Liberia. We continue to expand and train lead farmers to become certified trainers.

Kelvin Taweh

Kelvin Taweh 2
Kelvin Taweh is Provision of Hope’s Farm Manager. He lives on the property with his wife and 3 children. Our farm is located in Fendell. Together with Alex Gibson, they harvest a variety of organically grown vegetables. Kelvin took his training with Thrive for Good in Kenya in 2013 and is a certified trainer in “Growing Health”.  He teaches at Workshops and Garden Projects in various rural communities in Liberia, teaching nutrition and medicinal plants that are helpful to build up a healthy immune system.