Ma Esther’s Hope Home

Presently there are 10 Youth in Ma Esther’s Hope Home. John and Korpu Kucuyoiyoigee have been the parents of this home since May 2021. Ma Esther had these children since they were very young. It was a sad day for everyone when she had a stroke and was not able to run this home.

John and Korpu are outstanding parents. They love and care deeply for these children as they teach them how to live for Jesus and grow in their faith.

John has a BA in Education and is the Director of our Organic Agriculture Training in various counties of Liberia. He does a great job of tutoring these children along with his son Henry and Marie who recently graduated.

John teaches the children to focus on their education. This is their path to a better future. He also teaches them how to garden and raise many different nutritious vegetables right there on their property.

Korpu trains everyone to help with their household chores. They are all learning how to cook and even bake.

John & Korpu with their 10 children

John & Korpu with their Children

David K Jallah

David Jallah Grade 7

Marie Lewis

Marie Lewis - Recently graduated

Melissa Forkpa - Grade 6

Solomon Forkpa - Grade 10

Princess Kollie

Princess Kollie - Grade 6

Samuel Kennedy - Grade 10

Dennis Jessie - Grade 4

Henry Forkpa - Grade 10

Elijah Porte - Grade 10

Eliza Charlie for Brochure

Eliza Charlie - Grade 10