Eric & Kamah’s Hope Home

Eric and Kamah, devoted parents to 25 children, embody exceptional compassion for those at risk. Remarkably, four of their children have already graduated and embarked on diverse vocational paths.

Children come into their home traumatized and fearful, but with the nurture and care they get in this home we soon see smiles on their faces and light in their eyes. Each child experiences a sense of belonging within this nurturing and loving family.

In 2009, Eric & Kamah crossed paths with Karen Barkman at Buduburam Refugee Camp, where they were already caring for orphaned and street children. Their grace for this work is a divine gift. Explore their story in the blog post “Refugee Family Needs Help“.

Eric and Kamah with Children

Eric & Kamah with their children

Prince Jaylah Graduated Studying Plumbing (1)

Prince Jaylah

Graduated, Studying Plumbing

Tell Cummings Graduated studying architecture 2

Tell Cummings

Graduated, studying architecture

Efrance Gbour Graduated taking Cosmetology

Efrance Gbour

Graduated, taking Cosmetology

Mara Bah Graduated Studying Catering

Mara Bah

Graduated, Studying Catering

Promise Jones

Grade 12

Jestina Wheager Gr. 12

Jestina Wheager

Grade 12

Ruth Weah Gr. 10

Ruth Weah

Grade 10

Jerry Fayiah

Grade 10

Pinky David

Grade 9

Prince David Gr. 9

Prince David

Grade 9

Calvin Sherman Gr. 8

Calvin Sherman

Grade 8

Favor Kiepea Gr. 7

Favor Kiepea

Grade 7

Bernice Roy Gr. 7

Bernice Roy

Grade 7

Alvin Sherman Gr. 7 resized 2

Alvin Sherman

Grade 7

Clearic Gbour Gr. 6

Clearic Gbour

Grade 6

Mardea Harrigin Gr.6

Mardea Harrigin

Grade 6

Mark Gbolue

Grade 6

Sammy Naplah

Grade 6

Precillia Lockett Gr.6

Pricilla Lockett

Grade 6

Princess Jackson

Grade 5

Salome Alamadine

Grade 4

Erica Gbolue

Grade 3

Marie Fofana

Grade 2

James Gbour


Travon Ben