Mexico Sewing Program Desperately Needs Air Conditioner

In 2017, Cristina managed a sewing school, funded with the help of Provision of Hope. This initiative has now evolved into a Sewing Project. The women who were trained at the school are currently engaged in custom sewing and repairs, earning an income to support themselves. It is truly a success story.

Provision of Hope is delighted with the progress of the Sewing Program led by Cristina and Alicia in Cd Valles, Mexico. The sewing classes have empowered many women to earn a living as custom tailors.

Cristina sewing a beautiful dress
Cristina sewing a beautiful dress
Alicia at work sewing
Alicia at work sewing
The women working in the workshop would like to extend their hours into the afternoon and evening. However, the intense heat in their small workspace makes it difficult to work past early afternoon. The room faces the direct afternoon sun, and with outside temperatures in Cd. Valles reaching the 40s, it becomes nearly impossible to breathe, let alone work. The fans they have only circulate hot air, offering little relief.
They have investigated the cost of a mini-split unit for the workshop. Javier mentioned that for 8,000 pesos (about $600 Canadian), they could purchase and install a unit. He also noted that the unit would be removable if they ever needed to move. Alternatively, they could negotiate with the landlord to purchase the unit if they relocated.
A student
Student in training
Student Martha Ruiz comes 3 times a week
Student Martha Ruiz comes to the workshop 3 times a week!
What I can tell you is that with the temperatures in Cd. Valles, this is not a luxury but a necessity. I couldn’t work there without it. Additionally, the workshop is the primary income source for Cristina, Alicia, and several other women. They frequently take on large paid projects, and the workshop is constantly in use. This sewing workshop is a significant benefit to many women who would otherwise have no source of income.
Student Paola Rojas showing her recent sew!
Monica is one of the students who did the sewing school!

Here is a little report from Steven Frey about his wife Theresa and the women in the sewing project.

Theresa was blessed to involve herself again in the sewing program that Cristina, Alicia, and several other women continue to be very busy with. Although the regular sewing classes that Cristina once held have changed, several women continue to take on custom tailoring and repairs, allowing them to earn an income through their sewing. While we were in Cd. Valles, Cristina and the women had an order for 32 costume skirts and two dresses for one of the schools. After barely finishing these on the short timeline, they immediately received another large order for bee costumes from another school. Much of their work involves making school uniforms and taking on custom renovations and repairs for individual clients. Despite their small workshop, they are very busy. Cristina had a new trainee join the work team while we were there. Theresa and I were also blessed to deliver four used heavy-duty sewing machines to Cristina for the workshop on this trip.

Theresa sewing with the women
Elsa Reyes sewing a dress

Thank you for your support and prayers towards the people of Cd Valles, Mexico!


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