Meet the Directors

Aaron Paul has been with Provision of Hope since we began. He was the live-in Dean at My Father’s House, where he got to know our boys very well. It is largely due to his dedication and Samaritan heart that this ministry grew to the place it is today. Together with Mama Karen, he shared the vision and carried the heart of Provision of Hope Liberia.

Aaron has a diploma in Pastoral Ministries, Trauma Counseling, a BA in Theology and a certificate in Management Training with the Ministry of Labor.

He has taken the Discipleship Training School at Youth With A Mission. Aaron has a passion to see the underprivileged and the lost find hope in Jesus Christ. Aaron is the director of our ever growing Mercy Ministries. He oversees the Widow Ministry, Hospital Visitation, Evangelism and Hope Homes. He also assists Malcolm Harris in training our youth at our Discipleship Training Center. Aaron is married to Adei, who shares the same vision, and together they have a happy family.


Malcolm Harris joined Provision of Hope in August 2009. Malcolm is a graduate of the Maranatha University in Ghana where he finished a 3 year diploma in Missions and Evangelism. Malcolm is the director of Youth Leadership, taking charge of My Father’s House and the Discipleship Training Center.

He is our General Manager in Administration and Financial Management and oversees funding for all departments. Malcolm has a strong prophetic gifting with a heart after God to see our boys grow strong in the Lord and fulfill their callings.

Malcolm keeps things in order and is a wonderful gift to our ministry. Malcolm reports to Karen Barkman on a regular basis sending reports on daily activity in the homes.




Karen Barkman, who has a background in nursing and accounting, first went to Liberia in 2003, just after the last civil war. The rebels still had their guns and the embassy said, “It is not safe, we recommend you go back home.” We came in with a fearless leader, who signed on behalf of the whole mission’s team saying that we would go in at our own risk, believing that God would protect us! We were a team of child care workers going to the Daniel Hoover Children’s Village to care for over 500 orphan children.

These children were traumatized by the rebel armies coming through the village, threatening their lives. At gun point they left the compound with the older ones carrying the younger ones. They left with no food and no water. Like the children of Israel, God was with them. No one got sick and not one died.

“God went before us to open this door and He is still the one opening doors.” Today we have become a “Great Big Liberian Family” with a heart to reach orphans and widows in their distress, training others to “Go and Do Likewise”. It is a tremendous privilege to walk with our Father through these fields of grace. “Liberia, you have taught me so much!” David, her husband, and their family, are in full support of her work in Liberia. The whole family is involved in orphan sponsorships and ongoing funding for the needy in this war torn nation.



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