Serve in West Africa

I can now speak from personal experience that if God sends you on a missions trip, it will change your perspective on so much! The trip to Liberia and Ghana was amazing in so many ways. The highlight for me was meeting the three refugees in person that we have been supporting for the last four years. When Mercy came up to me and hugged me, we both just wept.”

Tim Moores, 
Team Member, Africa Trip 2009

You can view that wonderful moment and experience, at least in some small measure, the joy and blessedness of this divine meeting on the Africa Trip Video Series. You may also be moved by God to come with us and meet some of these beautiful brothers and sisters in Africa yourself.

How vital it is, however, to hear the call of God and not just sign up for a missions trip because it may seem glamorous or fun. It can be anything but! Our sole motivation is hearing HIS voice and our one purpose is to serve with all that is in us out of a deep love for God and people. If you are certain you have heard Him say “go!” and you are ready to give your life for others in a foreign country, contact us. We would love to get to know you and learn more about your vision and passion.

Fill out our contact form and click the appropriate check box, as well as leave us a message in the comment field describing what you are sensing regarding serving in West Africa.

Bless you!



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