This year we will be funding over 120 children and youth to school, as we have for the past several years. This includes 114 in K-12 and 9 in university and college. Education opens the door to a promising future and we believe it is essential in order to end poverty. Every child should have the privilege of being educated: the ability to read and write. For so many impoverished children in Liberia this is only a dream.

Bendu Kollinson (above) was a poor little village girl being cared for by her widowed Grandma. She was too poor to go to school. Many times they were without food and medical help. To add to their devastation, they lost everything in a house fire. In their desperation, they came to Provision of Hope for help. We put Bendu on our sponsorship program and today she is privileged to get monthly food and schooling. Ma Demowa, her Grandma, is part of our Widow’s Program.

Gifty Goh (above) came from the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, where she was born. She had no hope of ever going to school. Provision of Hope helped her brother, Patrick, and her mother to resettle in New Matadi, Liberia, where Mother Melvina cooks for our boy’s home.
Patrick is in Grade 12 and Gifty was just promoted to Grade 1.
Today this family has a HOPE and a FUTURE.


Highschool students live at the Discipleship Training Center until they graduate. From there, they move out to rented rooms, where they go on to university, trade schools or the operating of small businesses. This becomes the transitional stage to independent living. They are taught life skills and Christian values. We are training up Leaders of Integrity.


University students

The above are photos of some of our Cuttington University graduates who achieved 4 year degrees in Economics, Sociology, Public Administration, Business Management and Pharmacy. The photos below show Marcus Jamel from Grade 12 through university. Today he has a job teaching.



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