Dyega’s Hope Home

Otis and Marthaline have 10 children in their home. Six of these children are orphaned or their parents are too poor to care for them. Otis and Marthaline are loving, caring parents with a big heart to help others.

They struggle to make it. Provision of Hope recently sent our Director, Aaron Paul, to their home in the County of Buchanan to do a complete assessment. We discovered that they did not even have mattresses for their children and “often [they] are without food”. This is when we decided to come in with some assistance. We have given Otis a micro loan to establish a pharmacy and medical clinic. He is a nurse, but the 14 years of civil wars demolished what he had built; we are helping to rebuild it.

Ma Hawa Otis and Marthaline with their children Ma Bee


Isaiah Odell   Ceedyugar Ruben


Dabopallar Dabozee Romeo Abraham



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