Our Widows Program is one of the most rewarding works in Liberia.

These women have weathered many brutal and agonizing situations. They have watched as many died all around them. Most have lost their husbands in the war or to some fatal disease. They have been left with many babies to raise and often those of young single girls who cannot raise their own children because they are very young themselves.

Provision of Hope has Widow Rice Distribution Centers in 5 different communities. We give out bags of rice to 230 widows registered with our program. When you bless a widow with a bag of rice, you have given to someone who is deeply grateful. Recently we have been adding oil, salt and soap. We help with medical needs and provide bed frames and mattresses.

Mercy Ministry Team Widows gather to sing and pray


Our widows come to collect their bags of rice for the week Uriah Marcus bags the rice


Our latest project for the widows is called Operation Mat to Mattress. Our elderly widows are given a new framed bed WITH A MATTRESS! Our boys do the work. They love serving the widows.



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