Thanks mother for every good work God has called you on this planet earth to do in the lives of people. You feed them when they are hungry, you provide physical cash to go to hospital when ever they are sick,you give them shelters when ever they are homeless and beside that you lead them to the true Christianity.  

May the God of our father Abraham cause an open Heaven over your ministry, may He increase your wisdom like Solomon, may your household be bless, may you live to see the children of your great great grand children. May God continued to make this ministry to flourish, and stay blessed.  Eddie Nyeswah  who lives at Buduburam Refugee Camp

WOW! This is an amazing website! I want to thank everyone who contributed to the building of this website. Most of all, want to thank our Lord Jesus who has been the foundation behind this ministry. I am very thankful to the Lord for all he continues to do through Provision of Hope. Through this ministry, hope has returned to many in Liberia and Ghana.

May the God of grace continue his grace more and more through Provision of Hope as they reach the homeless, the sick and brighten the dark places around the world. My heart and prayers go to this ministry each day. May the Lord bless you!

Bob Johnson

Karen, I am so glad you’ve got a website! I love it! I think it will really help people connect to what you are doing. I am praying for your work and hope to plug in and do more one day! I am inspired by God’s work in Liberia through your humble and faithful work! May God MIGHTILY BLESS your efforts!

Alicia Ahlers

I think this website is great, Karen! Definitely informative and a great way to see what’s new in Liberia. God bless you for your dedication to the least of these. It’s inspiring!


You may be assured that our support, thoughts and prayers will be following you every mile of your forthcoming journey. We will expect reports of God’s wonder-workings through the compassionate ministrations of every member of your team.

God bless you
Every hour and every day,
Always, ever, come what may;
God bless you,
In Agape, In Christ.

David & Eulene Moores

Dear Karen,

WOW! What a fantastic work you have done by putting this website together. It is a real blessing for the children of Liberia returning from war to peace. You have created an awareness that will awaken the world at large to the plight of these future jewels. God richly bless you and keep up the good work!

Jackson and Victoria 
and the many boys and girls of Liberia



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