Medical Help

MERCY MINISTRY is an outreach to the poor and the destitute. We respond to the cries of the needy by doing a variety of good deeds. We may be found taking the sick to hospitals, providing glasses, crutches, mattresses, beds for the elderly, or simply a bag of rice to a hungry family. We train our students to reach out and help someone, just as they have received help.

Our Director, Aaron Paul says, “Every day the needy are at our door.” It could be someone who had a house fire, someone with a sick child or another who is going hungry. This country may be at peace right now, but the unemployment is very high. There are few paid jobs available. The needs can be overwhelming. That is why we start with “the one” and continue on from there.

Above left: Our Mercy Ministry team takes supplies to a widow and her grandchild after a house fire.
Above right: The village children gather for a special event where our team gives them candy bags and popcorn.

Above left: We are often found in the hospital visiting the sick; this choir of youth is there to sing.
Above right: Daniel Coleman was called on to visit a sick widow and transport her to a clinic.



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