Home from Liberia with a passion to do more

Dear Friends,

How can we put into words what we have experienced on this trip?

 I know that each one of us on the team has a larger capacity to love the poor and the destitute.  Today I am sitting here wondering where to begin.  Do I first buy rice for those who are hungry on the Buduburam Refugee Camp?  I can see their desperate faces as they plead for their children.  Many are single mothers or widows. They want to go back home to Liberia but have no means, they are not registered with UNHCR.  Who will help them? Others are sick needing surgeries.  They suffer with no-one to help.  I could walk away easier, if I did not know them by name.  One by one we will help them, somehow! 

In Liberia we just rented two more houses, for orphaned children and youth.  We are trusting God to bring in the finances to buy mattresses and mosquito nets.  These children will all need sponsors for basic care and school.  We are trusting God to supply their needs.


Photo of my precious little girl “Lemu”  We have the same African name.  “Lemu”  means, “Of the same heart”

Tim Moores came with a father’s heart for everyone.  Everywhere he went he would be sharing the love of Jesus…in the street, in the market, in the church in our homes…always pointing everyone to Christ.  Tim came to serve and that’s just what he did.  From filming to making breakfast for the team, he was always up to something good.  Tim, you’ll be back!  In this photo you see Tim with Lasana Joseph.  Lasana was so encouraged as Tim shared his personal experiences of healing and overcoming fear.  We could see the breakthrough in Lasana.  What a morning when Tim met his refugee family at the Buduburam Camp.  The whole church was stirred.  Mercy came forward and cried in his arms, she was so grateful to meet her dad, the person who helped her for the past 4 yrs.  I found myself praying, “Father send a thousand more Tim Moores to this land where so many are fatherless”

Carol Jones left part of her heart in Liberia, with her Liberian son Arthur Gaye.  What a thrill to watch them get so close, person to person.  His brother Thomas was moved into My Father’s House during this time as well.  Carol’s mission was to visit all the colleges and universities in Monrovia, gathering the necessary information on all the courses each school offers.  Carol became a guidance counsellor to our students informing them and answering their many questions.  Everyone gleaned from her research and intelligence.  Carol would spend hours listening to our students share their hearts and goals for the future.



Karen Aerssen you were a blessing wherever you went.  The children loved you and so did the youth.  Karen is a gifted business woman with great financial insight and spent hours teaching business management skills to our college and university students.  This was a real inspiration to those who plan to take up apprenticeships at various businesses in Monrovia after graduation.  Karen has also invested in our micro loans and was able to meet some of the enterpreneurs she has assisted in setting up small businesses.  Already the people are asking when she will return.  Her time with us was short but she left a very powerful influence with our business students.  They are hoping to get DVD’s of her seminars to continue learning what it takes to build a successful business.  Karen taught Godly business principles and how to run a business with integrity and a kingdom mindset.  Thank you Karen!


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