Little Boy on Refugee Camp needs help!

Silas Davis is 2 yrs. old but weighs only 6 kgs.  Today one of our leaders took him to a  hospital in Accra.  He needs proper nutrition, but how will he get that if Mama has no money?  The question is always the same….. who will help?

































Today the Doctor gave Silas the drugs he needed, but said he lacked certain vitamins and other nutrients which would help him thrive.    Maybe Mulbah is one of our single mothers on the refugee camp.  Life has been hard for her since the civil war in Liberia. 



MAYBE MULBAH’s story is very sad like so many others on the camp.  This is her story as she told it to Bernice Williams today. 

“In 1996 rebels enter my home and torture my family and I, they put us out of our house, beating us naked,and set our house on fire ,then  took my father away.  We manage our way to escape through bushes and came to Ghana.  My poor mother is disable and in wheel chair we struggle to get her with us to Ghana through the gun shoot.  By the help of God we arrive in Ghana safely,except our father who the rebels took away.  They must have kill him because we have not seen him up to present.  While in Ghana I go washing clothes for people in the camp just to try to feed my family, I have two children and the father has abandon me  and them.
I don’t have any help from no where .  My son is malnourished because there is no care. Life on the Buduburam Refugee Camp is so hard, and we cant go back home to Liberia because we have no house there to stay. I am hoping that someday God can improve my life.”

Maybe lives in very poor conditions.  On the Buduburam Refugee Camp there is no UN help.  They have stopped helping.  Liberia is considered a safe country, and the refugees are asked to go home.  HOW WILL THEY GO HOME, THEY HAVE NO MONEY?  A few years ago the UN provided free transportation to fly home, if you were a registered refugee.  They no longer provide that.  We have already helped many get back home.  It costs only 200 USD per person to travel back on land, but when you get home, what then?  There is no place to live and no job.   Unemployment is still at an all time high in Liberia, and the people there are just as poor.  They need our help.  How?  By helping them resettle, then providing a micro loan for them to make their own living.




Mother Theresa  said, ” If you can’t feed one hundred, then just feed one”

I hope I am not sounding too harsh, but I know how little it takes to feed a family on  the camp.  If this family could get 75 dollars a month they would make it.  Rice is 60 GHc per bag now, and honestly I don’t know how these people survive without help.   They buy their drinking water AND their bath water.

I am glad that Maybe is part of our Single Mothers Program, and comes out regularly to our prayer group.  She is wearing one of the T-shirts, we purchased for the last conference.  I don’t normally purchase T-shirts but this one time, I wanted to.  They have so little.  Thank you to all who helped for this.  We had enough to feed all the guests! 


 The theme of the conference was REMEMBER US O LORD..Lamentations 5:1-15  I felt so sad when I read that.  Today I told our leaders, when I come in February, I will have a word for “every” Single Mother…. I WILL NOT FORGET YOU!!!  Isaiah 49: 15 + 16   God has you engraved on the palms of His hands!!!   He will NEVER FORGET YOU!!     But when you go to bed hungry and you hear your children crying because they too are hungry, would you not wonder… Lord have you forgotten us?     Tonight when you go to bed…. PLEASE REMEMBER THOSE WHO MAY NOT HAVE EATEN TODAY … REMEMBER THOSE WHO ARE HUNGRY AND  SAY A PRAYER ALONG WITH ME THAT SOMEONE WILL COME TO HELP “THE LEAST OF THESE”  

I hope you hear my heart,  I have heard so many people ask me “how do we know the funds will get to them?”  Trust me, I know the funds get to them!!!!   I go there, and see for myself.  I correspond with our leaders every day. I know them well.

Phone me if you want to donate by credit card   …. Karen at 250-454-9456 


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