Home for orphan children now complete in Maryland County, Liberia

Dapae + Rita’s Home for Orphan Children is completely finished!  This is a 1,223 sq. ft. four bedroom home, with 2 bathrooms, a large living room and dining room.  These children are doing so well and are blessed to have such amazing parents.


The House is painted inside and out.                    Dapae’s family of 10 with others they help.


Rita with the children, inside the house.               Rita Bobby squatting in a new bunk bed.


First bunk bed, complete with mattresses.          Dapae, Rita and family inside their church.


The new well just dug last week.                        Beatrice Constance inside Rita’s clothing store.

What a happy family!  The children sang for me, over the  phone, at Christmas!  What a joy to hear their happy voices.

I only wish every child in Africa could be a part of such a caring family.  These kids are loved!!!It shows by their smiles!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the building of this home.  Also for your ongoing monthly  support for the children.

Dapae + Rita are doing well in their business, and bit by bit, we are getting the furniture for this home.

Our next purchases will be 4 more bunk beds, with 8 single mattresses,  a dining room table with 12 chairs, and a bed for Dapae + Rita.

Dapae and Rita distribute rice each month to 75 widows, who meet at their church for a Bible Study and worship.

They are shining lights in their community, reaching out to needy orphans and widows.


Karen Barkman





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