Refugee Family Needs Help to Go Home

In the Buduburam Refugee Camp, in Ghana there are so many people desperately waiting for a way to get back home to Liberia.  They have no money and no one to help. The camp has been officially closed since June, yet thousands are still left stranded there.  These are the ones who are not registered with the UN.  When we visited the camp last month we saw the hopelessness of these dear people.  We assured them that we will keep helping them, one family at a time. 


 Augustine and Leona with their two small children are hoping every day for a way back home.

 Like so many others they left Liberia during the horrors of the civil wars to seek asylum in this camp.

 They will need $250.00 each to travel home by bus. 

 When they get to Liberia, they will have no home, only a bag of clothes.  Leona just gave birth to their baby boy.  Success is their little precious 4yr. old daughter. They are a beautiful family.

 Once in Liberia they can rent a room for $360.00 per year.      

 They will need a family size mattress and some blankets. 

Leona is one of our key leaders for our Single Mothers Prayer Group.  She is a strong woman of faith.  

 God knows the countless times they have gone to bed hungry in this camp.  Many times they have been sick with malaria or typhoid.  Yet you will always find their hearts full of praise and gratitude to God!  Lets believe with them that God will provide a way home.


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Each gift is a blessing to folks in this camp.  Click here to see more on the  REFUGEE CAMP





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