JOY TO THE WORLD has certainly become a reality for Mamie Gibson as she enjoyed Christmas with her precious children.  For years she had no idea if her children survived the war.  In January 2010 Sumo, her oldest son found her whereabouts!   Mamie was overwhelmed to discover that ALL her children were alive and doing well.  This was a miracle.  Her husband, the children’s father, was killed in the war.

Sumo helps his mother to build her new house.  Mamie was given land by the chief of her village.  With the micro loan Provision of Hope gave her, she was able to boost her gardening business to start this building.

Sumo is standing with his mother when he showed our team the house last August.   Today it is finished!!  They even have a bath room in this house.  Mamie has done so well with her micro loan and the little help we gave her for this building.  We are so proud of her.  Sumo too has been a big help to his mother and his brothers and sister.  I am glad he did not give up on his search for his mother.  Somehow he knew in his heart, she was alive.  He was determined to find her.   See more by clicking here   SON FINDS MOTHER 

Sumo Gibson graduated from Cuttington University in June 2011 with a degree in Pharmacy.  Today he works with  Mr. Otis Dyega in a pharmacy just outside of Buchanan.  Sumo is the oldest son in Mamie’s family and he has been very responsible in taking care of his sibblings, always making sure they were okay.  Sumo was among the boys who came to live in My Father’s House in 2005.  He is a role model to the younger generation.  Sumo is a man of integrity, someone who can be trusted with responsibility. 

Sumo dreams of the day when he will run his own pharmacy.     

Charles Gibson is a senior student at A.M.E.Z.U majoring in Sociology and Public Administration.  He has been providing his own cost of living by running a Barber Shop and charging cell phones.  We have paid forward his monthly sponorship enabling him to have a micro loan for his business.  He is a sharp student, and a very responsible young man.  He has a strong faith in God, just like his older brother, and younger sibblings.  Never a day goes by that Mamie, does not pray for her family.  I will never forget the prayer of blessing she prayed over me, thanking God for what Provision of Hope has done for her and her children.  I had shivers while she prayed in her native tongue!!! 
Grace Decontee Gibson has just started university at the United Methodist University in Monrovia.  Her goal is to become a nurse.

For years, as a teenager,  she was not attending school because she did not have the funds.  A poor widow woman, Ma Martha took her as her own when she lost track of her mother during the war.  Sumo would always plead her case until one day our Director Aaron Paul, went to investigate where she lived.  Aaron was heart broken to see their poor condition.  That is when we stepped in to help both Grace and Ma Martha.  We told Ma Martha, that God was coming now to bless her for her kindness shown to Grace Decontee and the other poor orphan children in her village.  Ma Martha was always feeding the hungry children, with the little she had herself.  

Decontee is a beautiful Christian girl, always reaching out to others.  She helps to supports herself with a small business selling used clothing.  She is a focused student and a hard worker!

Alex Gibson is the youngest son.  He is in Gr. 9.  He helps Charles with the business as much as possible.  Alex is grateful that Charles is helping him with food and a place to live.  This whole family is a hard working family and they all have a heart of gratitude for any help given to them.  They were so happy to reunite with their mother and to spend the whole Christmas season together in her new home.          









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