MA ESTHER + her children have a reason to celebrate.  It’s graduation time for 4 of her children!!  Daniel Kollie +  Ezekiel Toe are Gr. 12 Graduates.  Pauline Zannie and Favor Iyke are graduating from Kindegarten to Gr. 1.   Let’s have a party!!! 

Ma Esther stands with Daniel, Favor and Pauline as they proudly show off their diplomas.

Daniel and Ezekiel standing outside their school.              Pauline and Favor are so happy to be in Gr. 1.

 Grad Ceremonies at the School.                       Group Photo with our Grads  back at Ma Esther’s House.

Home Party at Ma Esther’s in honor of our grads.                       Ma Esther made special food.

Everyone had fufu and soup plus popcorn and candy.  This is a memorable day!!  Ma Esther knows how to make each child feel special.  What a blessing she is to these children.

Thank you to the sponsors of these dear children.  Your giving makes a difference!



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