A Cry for Help

Eddie Nyeswah lives on the Buduburam Refugee Camp with his wife Harriet and young son Eddie Jr. They have suffered much in this place and are asking to go home to Liberia. This camp is hopeless! So deplorable. One refugee woman that we helped home, said it this way “Buduburam was a living HELL” It is time for ALL refugees here to leave and go back to Liberia. The problem is they need funds. I am believing that we can HELP THIS FAMILY HOME. For $200 per adult (3) and $150 for Eddie Jr. we could put them all on the bus. The next bus is leaving the camp early next week. My prayer is that we can see them on that bus. Please pray with us!!

Eddie Nyeswah and Family 2Buduburam Camp resize

Eddie, Harriet, Christian Freeman, and little son Eddie Jr.

Christian Freeman is 19 yrs old and the younger brother of Harriet. Harriet has taken care of Christian for many years since their mother died during the civil war in Liberia. In Buduburam Refugee Camp, there is no future for them. Liberia is moving ahead slowly, but it sure is better than this camp. I have visited this camp many times. There are open sewers with flies buzzing about, while people are cooking their food close by. There is no pure water to drink, except if you buy it in bags. How do you buy water with no money? They die from preventable diseases all the time. They suffer in their illnesses, with no money for treatment. It is heart breaking!!! No human being should have to live this way. I know they are praying and believing for a better future. The question is… What can I do to help?

If you can help with this great need, we would really appreciate it. Even $20 helps these ones who are so very poor. No amount is “ever” too small.

Call Karen Barkman at 250-454-9456 if you would like to give by credit card. Otherwise you could notify us by email, that you are mailing a cheque. God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…. we are asking for His Provision to meet this need.


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