Provision Gardens Moving Forward

Kamah’s children are holding up their seed packages

We are pleased at the progress of our  Provision Gardens Projects.  In February 2014 we had Dale Bolton from Organics4Orphans, and Carl and Kathy Thompson join us for training sessions in organic nutritional gardening.   They held a workshop for 50 plus people including NGO’s,  School Administrators and Agriculturalists all ready to start these nutritional gardens.  Without a doubt it will affect their diets in the months to come, boosting everyone’s immune systems.  Various schools are wanting to make this a part of their agricultural studies. We will focus mostly on schools in the farming regions.

Eric and Kamah’s garden is doing really well.  They are now eating vegetables from their own garden. They no longer need to buy them at the market.  Provision of Hope is introducing gardening to all our Children’s Homes.  This will really boost their nutritional intake.


Eric and Kamah's Garden
In a short time they had cucumbers, collard greens and potato greens
Provision Garden-Ma-Esther's Home (4)
Jacob Lotodo from Kenya is showing Ma Esther how to take care of her garden. He is a graduate from the Organics 4 Orphans School.
Jacob checking on Ma Esther's Gardens 2
Jacob is one of our Trainers in Organic Gardening

Jacob is an intern who will be working with Provision Gardens for 2 yrs.  He is a hard worker and a great teacher.  Our goal is to have all our Children’s Homes growing all their own vegetables.  There is so much added nutrition in plants like kale, moringa, collard greens, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, potato greens etc.

Moringa Driers 2
Jacob and Kelvin are drying moringa in one of the 5 moringa driers they constructed.
Moringa 2
Moringa is called the miracle tree because of its high potency in vitamins, protein and minerals.
Kelvin is preparing raised beds at Eric and Kamah’s.
Dr. Hena Garden 2_n
Jacob is hosting a community workshop in Kakata.
Peppers 5
Peppers almost ready to eat.
Collard Greens
Collard Greens
School Girls learning to make compost 2
Girls at the Universal Outreach School preparing compost.
mt barclay kales 2
Kale plants in the nursery bed started from seeds.
Jacob shows how to start seeds
In Ganta, Jacob shows the gardeners how to start seeds in a nursery bed.
From this nursery they get transplanted to the garden.
Kelvin Instructing
Kelvin is training the teachers and agriculturalists at the Civil Compound School.
Jacob Instructing jpg
Jacob instructs the Ganta Group.
Preparing the beds
Many men came out to prepare the gardens at the Civil Compound School.
Beds are prepared
10 raised beds are ready to plant

Ebola did set us back in these projects due to the fact that schools were closed and our team was restricted in traveling but now we are ready to move forward in all our established projects.

Class room being educated
Teachers at the Civil Compound School are eager to learn
Joseph Instructing
Joseph Sackie is one of the Provision Gardens instructors
Starter package
A Gardening Package Starter costs $ 250 or less, depending how many tools we buy.
Planting Organic Seeds
Organic seeds cost as little as $ 100 for a good amount.

This project is one of the MOST VALUABLE of all the projects we have invested in Liberia.  It is bringing HEALTH and NUTRITION to the poorest communities.  Liberia’s soil is rich and it is located in the rain forest.  Liberia is prime for agriculture.  Our NUTRITIONAL TEACHING is focusing on introducing green leaf crops that have 90 x more nutritional density than rice.  Kale is known to have 1,000 to White Rice 11 according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutrient Density Chart.

If you would like to invest in our Provision Gardens we will see more and more of our children become healthy!






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