Walk a Mile in My Shoes Manitoba was a great success!

Thank you to all South East Manitobans who came out to join us at  our 9th annual walk.  This is a walk for Education to continue funding our 150 children and youth to school in Liberia, West Africa.

Group Photo

We had more than 70 walkers and raised over $ 12,000 at this event.  This included the money that was raised by the Mitchell Elementary Treats and Treasures Annual Fundraiser. This year they raised a grand total of $ 2,897.31!!  All this was done through the students bringing in baked goods, toys, books etc and having a Giant Sale for the whole school!  Thank you students and teachers for your hard work.  More Liberian children will get to go to school because of you!!

Treats and Treasures Group
Elaine Peters with students from Mitchell Elementary who presented their fundraised money at the Walk.
Elaine and Audrey Walton are standing with the poster of the 8 Liberian students who were funded to school last year through Treats and Treasures.

Their goal was to put 8 children to school again through the funds raised this year.  To everyone’s amazement they exceeded their goal, which means  even more children get to go to school!  Mitchell Elementary you are teaching your students to have a positive world view and that they really can make a difference in the lives of others anywhere in the world.  This is the fifth consecutive year that Mitchell Elementary has raised funds for Provision of Hope’s children in Liberia. We manage the dollars well and oversee the well being of each student that we fund to school.  Education is a doorway to hope and a brighter future.

Group WalkingGroup Walking 2

All ages can participate in our one mile walk.  The children enjoyed their helium balloons + face painting.

Doing wellWalkersChildren Walking

Pirates, Cats, Butterflies and more  …………………………………………………………  so much FUN!!

Thank you Eva Giesbrecht for your creative work!
Facepainting 2
Good Job Clara! How fun is that?!!!
Facepainting 4
Kiana Sonnichsen you are so creative! Thank you for raising $870 in donations you collected.  I know you worked very hard for this!
A cat
” I am a sweet little kitten!!!”
Dave the Barbecuer
Thank you to my husband, David for the yummy hot dogs!!  That is 9 yrs in a row!!
Enjoying Hot Dogs
We are loving the Hot Dogs
Family Time
Kiana Sonnichsen walks with her family
Thomas Jennifer and family
Thomas + Jennifer Jowett and their beautiful children

Maria Scheper thanks for all these fabulous photos!  Good job!

Canteen Help
Canteen Helpers Edith, Liz and Dianne
Registration Experts Lorie, Yvonne and Karen
Andrew K
Andrew Kampen did an outstanding juggling show
Andrew Kampen show
Andrew juggles rings, knives and almost anything you ask for!!
Andrew Kampen juggling with knives
Call 204-392-2841 to book him for your next event

Every participant received a ticket to enter our raffle prize draws.

Thank God for sunny skies and a great turn out!!  I am already looking forward to  next year which will be our 10th year doing this!!! All for the sake of Education for Disadvantaged Children.

If you would like to be part of the “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” planning committee, we could sure use your help.

Email karenbarkman@gmail.com





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