Most remarkable success story!

Congratulations Jallah Tutu!!  You are now a professional nurse!! Today we want to honor your achievements. To think of where you came from and where you are today brings tears of joy to my eyes.  In the Buduburam Refugee Camp you were so very poor.  It is so obvious that God has had his hand on your life.  He planned that you would meet Tim Moores in a chat room, way back in February 2005 where it all began.  Tim Moores you are one very kind man!


Jallah we are so proud of you!  You received the Highest Cumulative Grade Point Average Award! You had all A’s on the last grade sheet I saw!  This is remarkable!  You were nominated Class President every year!

Jallah Tutu ResizeAchievement Award

Jallah you are outstanding.  I appreciate the gratitude you have for all the people who helped you achieve your goal. This is what Jallah wrote to the Moore’s Family  “Hope all is well with you all. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my last grade sheet I sent you people, you’ve always encourage me and continue to do, I highly appreciate that, it is what gets me going on and on”  Jallah I wish you well as you continue on to get your BSc in Nursing.  Anyone who would like to donate towards this fund please visit our donate page.


Thank you Tim for following the promptings of your heart and befriending Jallah.  Had he not met you, perhaps he would still be sitting in the refugee camp, trying to find food for the day. Don’t miss seeing a video taken in 2009 when Tim and our team first met Jallah, Mercy and Trokon on the camp in Ghana. This video gets to me every single time.  It shows the gratitude of those who are rescued from the ash heap and set apart.  God really does “raise the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap. He sets them with princes, the princes of His people!” and He uses you and I to do this! ” He sets the lonely in families!!”  Tim you are a true disciple, one who models the character of Jesus, so well.  I love how you empower the poor, always pointing them to the Father.  You do not allow anyone to become co-dependent.  I have learned so much from you over the years!  Thank you for all you have done for these three refugees, AND for designing the Provision of Hope website….all at your own time and expense.  This ministry has multiplied to this level, because of your skill and investment.  Tim specializes in website design as a professional.  He does amazing work!  ProVision Graphics and Multimedia Inc.

Tim Moores with Jallah Mercy and Trokan resize

Mercy, Jallah, Trokan and Tim Moores the day he met them in the Buduburam Refugee Camp in 2009.

To read more of Jallah’s journey from the Buduburam Camp to present Click here

… it is for the sake of these that we keep going forward.




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