GIVE a GIFT OF HOPE this Christmas

Christmas is coming soon!  I am praying that we can give something to those in need.  Here are some great ideas for you or your family to consider.  Remember, it is not the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it….Eileen Elias Freeman


HELP A STUDENT go to school  $ 150 per semester, book bag $20, black shoes $20, uniform $ 15

Gifty Wah 3

  MICRO LOANS  start at $ 300  Micro Loans are a big help towards sustainability!                                                                            

Bernice 2

GARDEN SEEDS $ 200 supplies a whole garden


GOOD USED CLOTHING  $ 300 per bundle or $ 30 per child

Day 3 Christmas Hamper

BUY A BAG OF RICE  for a needy family  $ 35

Day 3  Buy a Bag of Rice 3

CHICKEN DINNER for a Hope Home Family $ 100

Leon Resized

HELP A FARMING FAMILY $ 50 Buys 20 Chicks, $75 A Goat, $ 75 A Pig

Day 6 Chicks resized

 MORINGA PLANTS for a Garden $ 50 Buys 40 tree seedlings

Moringa Plants Resized2

See the benefits of Moringa!

Moringa-benefits 2

RENT A ROOM for a Single Mother and her children  $ 420 for one year or $ 35 per month

Leona Success and little brother Covenant 2

BUY A NEW BED FOR A WIDOW and take her off the cold floor.  A  bed $ 100, a mattress $ 100,  $ 25 warm blankets  $10 pillows  $ 5 mosquito net

8. Operation Mat to Mattress

To donate on line Click here  donations_button

Or Mail a Cheque Payable to Hope for the Nations    Address:  101-1865 Dilworth Dr. Suite 342, Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9T1

In the US Payable to Wordsower International Memo:Provision of Hope Address:  P.O. Box 8064 Salem, OR  97303


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