Grace Grayeason and her children are hoping and praying to go back to Liberia. It would be wonderful if we could transport them HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!  They have been in the Buduburam Refugee Camp for years.  Most often they have little to no food.  Life for them is extremely hard.


Grace and her daughter Ellen are standing by the bus.  This would be their way of transportation, if we could provide the funds for them to travel home.   Alex, her son, is 9 yrs. old.


This photo was taken 3 yrs ago standing in front of their one room home on the camp.


Their clothes and few belongings are already packed up into these 3 bags for their journey.  They are hoping and praying every day to go home.

Cost per person by bus is $ 250 US for Grace and $ 250 US for her daughter Ellen.  Alex’s ticket cost is $ 150 US  Their luggage cost is also $ 150 US

Once they get to Liberia they have relatives.  Grace did assure me that once they get home, they will be okay.  I know this will be an extra load for her sister back home.  They are also poor.

It would be great if we could rent them a room in Liberia $ 420 US for the year and buy them one big family size mattress to place on the floor.  $ 165 US  Blankets, bedding, mosquito net and flooring  $ 100 US

They would need some basic house hold materials to cook with, and chairs and a table, if possible.    $ 300 US

I decided to put this blog post out there and see what responses we get.   We could just transport them home and leave it to their relatives to cope with the extra burden of their sister coming home.  I KNOW this is a big burden, but they would be better off in Liberia than in this refugee camp.  I’ve been to Buduburam, no-one should have to live here.

Thank you to those who helped Grace with her surgery a couple of years ago.  She is doing so much better today.   You responded to this previous blog post Someone’s Crying Lord Kumbaya

Living on the Buduburam Refugee Camp has been a real struggle for this family.

Ellen could help her mother with a small business in Liberia, if they had funding for that.   $ 500 is a good start up fee for a micro business.

Alex is not in school.  $ 300 for a full year of school.

Remember no donation towards this cause is ever too small.  When we put the $ 20’s or $ 50’s together, we reach our goal.


Or Mail a Cheque Payable to Hope for the Nations Address: 101-1865 Dilworth Dr. Suite 342, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1

In the US Payable to Wordsower International Memo:Provision of Hope Address: P.O. Box 8064 Salem, OR 97303   or donate on this website  Wordsower International 

Thank you all for your kindness!!



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