The Desperate Ones

Exactly one month ago we had the tragic news that Abel Smith suddenly passed away. This news left us all in shock!

Abel Smith lived with us in My Father’s House in 2005 until he graduated from high school.  He went on to university through the help of his faithful sponsors Bob & Doris Bieberdorf who were also like parents to him.  Abel grew up as an orphan boy.  Later he met Tenneh David.  She is now a single mother left with 3 children to care for.  We are all finding this so sad!

Abel was sick and taken to hospital by Exodus his brother. We were told he died suddenly from a heart attack. “Abel we are still grieving over your sudden passing and we all miss you dearly!”


Tenneh with her 3 small children standing with Daniel Coleman and Daniel Keamue who represented Provision of Hope’s family at the funeral.   Thank you Daniel Keamue for the tribute you gave on behalf of all of us.

Today Daniel Keamue, our accountant, emailed me to say that Tenneh’s rent is due.  The amount is $ 240 for the entire year.  Lovetee and Prince, (her school children), in the photo above, have a balance owing with their school fees of $ 120 for this semester.

We would like to gift her with some food over the Christmas Season.  It would be wonderful if we could give her $ 100 for food.  She is still really grieving.  It will be an incredibly HARD Christmas for all of them!

Later we hope to give Tenneh a start up in business so she can provide for herself.

If anyone would like to give towards this family, we would be most grateful.

Our previous blog showed other areas to donate for Christmas, if you are looking to give a special gift.   If you missed that blog, here is a link to it.


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