Young Mother Dies leaving two Children

Another sad story!

It is always a sad day when a young mother dies, It is even more sad when she dies needlessly at the hands of medical malpractice.  Far too many times this is happening in Liberia.  Blessing was only 21.  She had a C-section which was probably not even needed.  Those with her said, Baby Jeremiah was already visible when the C-section began.  The rural clinic kept Blessing for weeks after her delivery.  She developed postpartum sepsis.  Her pain was intolerable.  Blessing often didn’t have the strength to feed Jeremiah.  By the time Blessing was rescued from the hands of this substandard clinic, her infection was out of control.  As soon as staff at Provision of Hope were notified, they rushed her to the ELWA hospital by taxi.  We have few ambulances so that was not possible. ELWA did a surgical repair of the stitches. They found instruments left inside,  The surgery was successful, but during the night Blessing died.

Baby Jeremiah was very malnourished at the death of his mother














Mother who raised Blessing now takes care of Christian the 5 yr. old and Baby Jeremiah. They are poor themselves but they have a heart of love and want to see these children grow strong.














Reeves and his wife are trying their best. Reeves is a school teacher making a very low salary in a rural school.













This is their home. They have no cement floor















Baby Jeremiah after a month on fortified formula!












Baby Jeremiah is in the hands of a very loving mother.












Christian is wearing his new clothes and new shoes! He is holding an armful of jeans, shirts, under wear, socks etc. He never had this many new clothes at one time I am sure!! Thank you Kula Harris for doing the shopping!















Provision of Hope plans to continue supplying their formula.  A case of 12 tins lasts for over a month and a half.  The cost is $ 65 US.  Christian is in Kindergarten.  We are trusting for funds to continue his schooling.

Christian in school uniform.











Thank you to Felecia Wiebe ( our Liberian daughter) who notified us of this extreme need and for raising the money to get Blessing’s body released from the hospital for burial.  Thank you to all these donors.  All hospital bills need to be paid before they release the body.  Thank God Blessing could have an honorable funeral.  Thank you to Daniel Zulu who is a neighbor to the Reeves’ family and helps tremendously!   Thank you to those who have already donated and to anyone who might wish to help us continue this work.

This story is only one example of the many stories we could be posting.  God is faithful to provide through our generous donors!

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ words of Jesus in Matt 25:40

God Bless you!

Karen Barkman

” Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”















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