Off to Liberia Tomorrow!!

We are off to Liberia tomorrow with a Team of Five!

I am so excited!  Look who is coming with me!!  Scroll down and see what’s all happening on this trip!!

Yes, please pray for us!

Mae Clowe lives in Kelowna, BC.  She is one who is passionate to see people set free from anything that keeps them from encountering, experiencing and walking in, the destiny that God has designed for them.  Mae attended the  School of Supernatural Ministry through Wesley & Stacey Campbell, in Kelowna for 3 yrs.  She felt called to leave her  secular job to do this.  This was a life changing experience for Mae.  Let me just say, she is contagious!  Mae also serves on the YWAM Kelowna team!  I am so blessed to have her come to Liberia with me!!  Mae is born for missions and has already traveled to many places. Liberia will love you!!


I am so privileged to have Patty Hylton and Shachia Roberts joining us.! They are going back to Liberia to meet their bio families after having been adopted to  homes in the US.  Provision of Hope has looked after Mamie Roberts, Patty’s mom for many years.  She is crippled.  I know seeing this reunion will be one of my highlights for sure!!!  The girls are surprising their families.  I can’t wait to hear their screams of joy!!



Patience Hylton lives in Tennessee. She was adopted by Mike and Amy Hylton from Liberia in 2007 . She attended trade school to become a pipe welder. She enjoys  welding. Patty is looking forward to visiting her birth home and family after 13 years of not seeing them. Not only is she excited to be going to be visiting with family, but also looking forward to being part of the Provision of Hope’s ministry.




Shachia Roberts lives in Clinton, TN and was adopted when she was 9 years old. She is currently working at Panera Bread in Oak Ridge as a Team Trainer. After 15 years of praying and saving money she is finally able to go visit her family back in Libera, Africa.






Jeff Nolta lives in Tacoma, WA with his wife, Kristie and has three adult children. Jeff first went to Liberia in 2009 when he and Kristie were trying to adopt three siblings from an orphanage. Jeff helped construct a new orphanage on two trips there, and continues to return to work on projects. The adoption could not be completed, but at God’s direction Jeff and Kristie remained committed to their children, who now number four and consider them as family members. Jeff is retired from a career in Law Enforcement but loves building and enjoys any kind of construction or repair project. He and numerous family members hope to travel back to Liberia in July as well to see their oldest son graduate from high school.




I am looking forward to seeing all our children and our Hope Home Parents!  We packed our usual games, soccer balls, crafts and various activities for the kids.  I hope to bring back letters for those who sponsor a child.

Feb. 1st we will gather with our widows and have a wonderful time with them!  After that we will go downtown to distribute rice to the blind.

We will be connecting with YWAM!  On Sunday we will visit Ma Esther and her children then in the evening we are looking forward to joining Emmanuel and Angela at their house church!  I can’t wait!!

Time to Revive  is a new connection.  We will meet up with the leaders of Time to Revive in Liberia.  This is a Discipleship Training ministry, that is networked with pastors in various Counties. They go to hospitals, streets, communities, prisons and train children how to obey the Word of God.

We will go visit our Organic Farm and see the progress there.  No doubt, our days will be FULL!!

We will be attending the African Women for Jesus Conference 2020.  This is an international conference where people are coming from 20 different countries.  It will be held in the SKD stadium. They are expecting close to 15,000 people.  I am honored to be invited as a special guest to represent Canada.  I’ve been asked to speak at the Honorary Awards Night Dinner at the close of the conference, where they will give out awards to various guests.  Apparently I will be given an award!  I have invited 20 guests to this Red Carpet Dinner.  These guests are Provision of Hope’s leaders and staff who have all helped in the success of this ministry.  I said to Pastor Malcolm our Country Director, there would not even be an award, it it wasn’t for our leaders.  Nor would there be a Provision of Hope if it wasn’t for you, the donors.  So there you have it… WE ARE ALL SHARING IN THIS AWARD.














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