Liberian Family is desperate

Pastor Jimmy Koffa’ s family is desperately needing assistance.  Today he called me saying that the landlady was threatening to make them move out if he doesn’t catch up on the rent.  Provision of Hope is asking if anyone can help this family, so they don’t lose their house.  For the last year, they have been falling behind.  Rent is 100 USD per month.  This is very reasonable for such a large house.

Koffa Family










In August Provision of Hope registered all the children to school.  If they lose the house, they would have to move away from this community, and the children would be dropping out of school.  I pray we can find people who would donate towards these needs.    They also need help with food. 

Because of the small children in this home, I am sending this out to anyone who would care to help.  With this size of family there are always medical needs as well.

Pastor Jimmy would love to start a small business where the girls could help sell items at the market.  They have a booth, if they had a micro loan they could begin.  500 USD could get them started.

Could you please pray for them.

Email me if you would like to give

No gift is too small.  When we put it all together, it really does help!


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