CONGRATULATIONS go out to our 4 graduates who successfully finished 4 year degrees at  Cuttington University in Liberia!!

We are so proud of you Momo Bai, Peter Flomo, Jeremiah Gbellay and Marcus Jamel!  You worked hard and achieved your goal!

We celebrate with you today… June 13th 2010

                                               Pastor Paul and Graduates


Jeremiah Gbellay and Momo Bai                    Jeremiah walking to hall                     

 Jeremiah graduated with a degree in  Business Management and  Economics.   Momo has a degree  in Sociology and  in Public Administration.  


Marcus Jamel graduated with a degree in Public Administration and  Business Management.   

Peter Flomo with his Sponsor Dad Bruce Stabbert     Peter walks with his sister on the school campus.

Peter graduated with a degree in Public Administration and  Business Management. 

Thankyou to the people that sponsored these boys through  all the years of schooling.  This would not be happening without you!


After a very eventful day at the Ceremonies, everyone came back to New Matadi for a party at the Discipleship Training Center.  Malcolm along with all the boys were there to welcome our grads.  

Our cooks were making special food for the big celebration and the  community was there to honor the graduates as well.  Certainly this was a memorable day for everyone! 

The graduates were honored with gifts, and each of them expressed how grateful he was to see this day come true.

We look forward to the opportunities ahead!!


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