Malnourished Child gets help

One of the GREATEST JOYS  in this work is seeing the HOPELESS find HOPE!   


 Just a few months ago Silas was so sick, we wondered if he would make it.  He was malnourished and unable to walk.                                        

LOOK AT HIM TODAY!!   I could not believe the difference when I saw him at the camp in February!!  Wow!!  This photo was taken after he was treated medically and given nutritious food.  I love the quote of Mother Teresa “if you cannot feed one hundred people then feed just one.”   









                                                                                                                                                                                                   Silas poses in his new clothes.  Mama Maybe is thrilled to be getting assistance!  Many nights she would wonder “HOW WILL THEY SURVIVE?”  Today they have help and they are “THANKING GOD EVERY DAY!”




               BEFORE  HELP                                                 AFTER HELP

I am asking everyone who reads this to say a prayer for our single mothers on the Buduburam Refugee Camp.  Mothers Day is often a sad day for them.  I know some who are sick, and others who have no food.  Rice has gone up to 60 dollars a bag and everyone pays for their drinking water.  Life is so hard for those with no help.  If you can help “just one”  please get in touch with us or fill out the form to donate https://www.provisionofhope.comdonate.htm   Email me if you have further questions





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