“Raise the Roof” … Fundraiser for Ma Esther’s Children

 MA ESTHER’S HOPE HOME now has 16 beautiful children.  What a great time we had with them at the party!  They entertained us with drama and song.  We had party horns and candy, popcorn and drinks.  They absolutely loved the gifts, letters and photos that many of you sent.  It takes so little to warm the heart of a child!  So little!


GERTRUDE shows off her letter & photos!                  Eletha proudly holds her gift bag!  


Ma Esther with all 16 children                       Everyone looks at their photos on the 2011 calendar 

In February Ma Esther took us to see the land we are purchasing to begin the building of a new house for her and these precious children.  Right now they are overcrowed in a very small 3 room house.  Everyone sleeps in a row on the floor. 

Coming up on May 6th in Mitchell, Manitoba there is a Fundraiser Dinner called “Raise the Roof”   Gr. 3 teacher Elaine Peters, and other Provision of Hope supporters  are hoping to raise the funds needed for this project.  The building site is in a quiet community near a good school.   We are buying several lots so we can  grow crops and do some gardening to help sustain these children.  If you are interested to help with this project click here https://www.provisionofhope.comdonate.htm   We are seeing so much growth and development in these children.  Ma Esther you are a wonderful mother!  If you would like more info on this project or tickets for the fundraiser email karen@provisionofhope.com   Cost is 10.00    It will be a fun time!!                                                                                                                                                                           



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