Refugees Need Help

TONIGHT I CAN HEAR THE CRY  of a Mother and her children on the BUDUBURAM REFUGEE CAMP.  Tomorrow they will be going to the clinic in Kasoa to try to get help for Nathan.  Nathan is the older boy in the photo, who had severe malaria, that affected his brain.  This family lives in the poorer area of the camp.  Many times they go to bed hungry.


We are wanting to move this family to a better  location on the camp.  Cost to do that is 200 USD

We want to buy them a mattress  Cost is 100 USD

They need blankets and a mosquito net    35 USD

I wish I could give them one bag of rice    50 USD


Nathan and his family, outside their room on the refugee camp. They live amid the open sewers and garbage.

More than money, they need a MIRACLE for NATHAN’S HEALING.  Please join me to pray for him.

If you want to donate for this home  fill out our DONATIONS PAGE and send it with your cheque or money order.

If you are pledging to donate, I would love to hear from  you. Email    Right now their needs are desperate.   A little goes a long way here.  We also share open book financial reports, if you want to see our records.

For credit card donations call Karen Barkman at 250-454-9456

Into the hovels of the poor.  Into the dark streets where the homeless groan.  God speaks:  I’ve had enough, I’m on my way to heal the ache in the heart of the wretched….. Ps. 12:5                                                                                                                         





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