Sumo Gibson’s Graduation!

CONGRATULATIONS SUMO!!!!  You finished a 4 yr. degree in Pharmacy at Cuttington University.  You were also elected as Secretary of The Natural Science College at the University (Elect)  We are all so proud of you! 




 Dr.  Sumo Gibson you have done well!!   Today is your day to celebrate your accomplishments.  Way to go!!

                                                          Sumo  with his  Grandma ( red dress) and  Mother ( green dress)   This is a “Dream Come True” for Sumo this day!  It was in January 2010 that Sumo found the whereabouts of his mother.  They were separated for years, due to the war.   Thank God she was able to be present at this memorable event.



I want to thank Dr. John and Ellen Spielman of Keewatin, ON for all the funding you did to make this day possible.   Kendra Wray from Texas, and  Ernest and Carol Morris from Manitoba, also contributed.  Thank you all so much!


Daniel Keamue, Provision of Hope’s Accountant stands with Sumo at CUC.    





Sumo will be working as a pharmacist and hopes to  run a pharmacy and medical clinic in a remote area of Liberia.  Provision of Hope looks forward to working alongside Sumo to see the reality of this goal.  Sumo you have proven yourself faithful over the years! 

Sumo nicely dressed in medical uniform.

God bless you Sumo as you walk through the doors God is about to open for you.


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