Orphan Child Now Studies Criminal Law At University

Provision Of Hope is RAISING LEADERS OF INTEGRITY in Liberia!

We first met DANIEL COLEMAN in 2003,  living in an orphan village, just at the end of Liberia’s 14 years of  civil war.  He was left an orphan after the passing of both his mother and father, and the unknown whereabouts of his three siblings.  To this day, he has not located his siblings. In September of 2005, he came to live with us at My Father’s House.  Our goal is always to provide for physical needs, education and discipleship training to raise young leaders to make a difference in Liberia.  Daniel has grown immensely and is a natural leader!

            16 yrs. old                Today at 23, A Confident Leader              Bendu, is a student he tutors

Daniel  completed his high school studies at the Phillips Preparatory School in Monrovia.  He is now a second year student at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University studying CRIMINAL LAW!  He plans to finish his degree in 2  1/2 more years.   We are trusting God to continue providing the funds.  Liberia needs leaders like Daniel Coleman who will stand up for Social Justice.   Daniel is honest, determined and dependable.  One we can trust to carry out assignments.  He is very reliable.







In addition to dedicating time to his studies, Daniel lives out his gift of compassion by helping others. He is on the Provision of Hope Mercy Ministry Team, which is an outreach to the very poor and destitute.  Every other Saturday they host a Widow’s Program at the Discipleship Training Centre, where rice is distributed and an inspirational message is shared.  This outreach is such a blessing to the widows.

Daniel shares passionately from his heart
In Bomi County after he located his Grandmother









Daniel also shares his knowledge and tutors children who need assistance.  He is the kind of man who everyone benefits from, and is always around to lend a hand. As a part of the leadership team at DTC he goes above and beyond, running errands, assisting the directors, purchasing food for the cooks and being available for any other needs.

Daniel with the children of Bomi County
Daniel tutoring younger students after school









Provision Of Hope is so proud of the man Daniel Coleman has become! In the midst of uncertainty he has risen above his limitations and absolutely thrived! He is a man of integrity and we are blessed to be a part of his life. We are excited to share his testimony thus far, and are excited to partner with you in walking alongside Daniel to help him successfully complete his education.

If you would like to help support Daniel, you could do so by filling out our DONATIONS PAGE and sending it with your cheque.  To donate by credit card phone 250-454-9456 and ask for Karen Barkman or donate on line at Wordsower International  www.wordsower.org   Be sure to designate your donation to Daniel Coleman’s studies.  Any questions email karen@provisionofhope.com

The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.  ~William James





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