IT’S GRADUATION TIME for eleven of our Gr. 12 students in Liberia.

Graduation  brings about a major change and transition for these students.  For sure this will be a challenge for each of them!  They are used to having all their needs met on our program, now they are stepping out into independent living, where they will cook and provide for themselves.  They are no longer orphan children,  they have grown into  TODAY’S LEADERS!  I must say we are very proud of who they have become!  They are champions!!

Provision of Hope has rented rooms and helped them with household supplies.   We are hoping once again to give each graduate a small amount of money to start a micro business.  They are now required to support themselves.  Yes, we know it will be very challenging.  Last year we gave each student $300.  It is surprising how well they managed.  Today two of them have motor bikes, and are running a profitable transport business!  We believe we can raise the funds to help these graduates do the same.


Of our 11 Graduating Students only 3 of them have a full sponsorship.  It is through our “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” event and through individuals who partner with us, that we can continue taking orphan children and see them reach this point.  We cannot drop them at Grade 12, and expect them to succeed overnight.  No!  We need to continue to walk with them,  to mentor and disciple them through this transitional time.

Please pray for these boys!  It is never easy for young eaglets to leave the nest,  but if they stay they will never learn to exercise their wings and fly.  It is time now for these eagles to leave their comfortable nest and fly.  We will be there to cheer them on.

     Jason Suku                        Timothy  Nurson           Frank Julutoe                  Randall Doegmah

       Joseph  Sackie                   Patrick Goh                 Moses Taweh              McPher Koffa  

These are the  Grade 12 students who lived at the Discipleship Training Home.  

Abraham Myers, Stephen Wontee and Ben Gray ( not shown here)  lived out in rooms that Provision  of Hope rented for them.

Each one of these students has a story of how they survived the 14 yrs. of civil wars!  They grew up in the heat of the battle.

Provision of Hope would  love to see each of  them walk out their calling and destiny.   In order to do that, they will need some help.  They each have a dream they would love to fulfill.  Joseph Sackie was the one we could always depend on to give out our medical drugs as needed, in the home.  He would love to go on to take nurses training.  If anyone would have the heart to fund schooling for any of these boys, we would be happy to hear from you.

Jason Nightingale, Founder of Wordsower International is a big help in supplying food for the “many” students we help, both in highschool and university.  Presently we have 20 students in university and college.  Last year we assisted in putting 145 students to school.

If anyone can help contribute towards a micro business, for these boys, please get in touch with us by email or phone.   Phone 250-454-9456  or go to our DONATIONS PAGE  

We are also needing $130.00 each for Graduation Fees.  This includes a new suit of clothes, and a pair of new shoes.

Hopefully we can surprise them with a Graduation Party.   We still need $200.00 for that.


I have been meditating on Ps. 37:3 for the past week.  “Trust in the Lord and do good;  Dwell in the land, and FEED ON HIS FAITHFULNESS.”


Karen Barkman 


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