Exciting News!!

Congratulations Malcolm Harris & Kula Kromah on your upcoming Wedding!!!

Saturday March 30th Malcolm will take Kula to be his beloved wife.

What a blessing!!!  We celebrate with you!!


Malcolm and Kula are both  dedicated Christians, who are looking forward to their journey together.      I love the story of how they met.  Provision of Hope sent Malcolm on an errand to find a room to rent, for a refugee family coming from the Buduburam Camp.  Kula was the person he had to go see about the available room.           I think this was love at first sight!!!  Right Malcolm?!!!!

Malcolm has been serving as the Financial Administrator and Director of the Discipleship Training Center since 2009.  Provision of Hope is blessed to have Malcolm on staff, as our Overall Director.  He serves with so much grace and humility.  Kula specializes in interior design and today works for a company in Liberia called Unique Service.  Kula is a strong woman of faith and will be a real gift to Malcolm and this ministry.   Kula we welcome you into our family.  You are a very special woman and I am confident that you will be well taken care of by Malcolm all the days of your life.  Malcolm has already proven his character to us over the years.  Thank you Malcolm for your dedicated service to our work with the needy in Liberia.  We honor you for your labor of love to your fellowman and most of all to God, who called you to this field.

If anyone would like to give them a gift towards their wedding, I know they would be most grateful.   

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Contact:  Karen Barkman 250-454-9456  

In Canada send Cheques payable to Hope for the Nations

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In the US send Checks payable to  Wordsower International

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IF you email Karen Barkman at karen@provisionofhope.com we can be sure Malcolm and Kula get this in time for their wedding!


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