Felecia was a young mother in her mid thirties.  No-one knows the real cause of her death.  Suddenly she fell ill. They took her to the hospital.  Nothing seemed to help.  Last week she died leaving 4 children behind.

   Mary, Masoline, Peter and Emmanuel               Grandpa & Grandma Wallace with son Andrew

Andrew Wallace is one of our Nursing Students at the Tubman University in Maryland.  Felecia, who died was his sister.   The Grandpa & Grandma could keep these children if they had some help with food and school fees.  Andrew is there to supervise and oversee the family.  

Mary is 6, Masoline is 9, Peter is 11 and Emmanuel is 15.  

Just before Christmas this same Grandma lost another daughter.  She too had 4 children.

Grandma suddenly has 4 children to care for at Christmas.  Susannah, Mahlon, Naomi and Ruth.   Now suddenly there are 4 more children without a mother or father.  

Provision of Hope has been sending money for food and paying $25 per month for their rent.  Susannah and Mahlon are attending school.  Susannah is 15 and in Gr. 6.  Mahlon is 9 and in K-2 class.  Susannah  has been a great help to Grandma.     The twins, Naomi and Ruth are only 2 yrs. old.  

Any contribution towards this home would be most appreciated.  Mary, Masoline, Peter and Emmanuel all need funding  to be able to attend school.  



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