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Organics 4 Orphans runs an excellent Training Program in Kenya in Biointensive Agriculture and Natural Medicine.  This month 2 of our Liberian students have been accepted into their program with the intent that they will bring these same concepts back to Liberia in order to train others in the same field.

Kelvin TawehJoseph Sackie 3

Kelvin Taweh is a university student studying agriculture at the University of Liberia.   Joseph Sackie has recently graduated from high school.   Both these young men are passionate about studying organic agriculture and have a vision to bring these same ideas back to Liberia to help our orphan Hope Homes become sustainable.  We also have schools in Liberia waiting to make this part of their curriculum.  We are ALWAYS working on ways to help Liberia move forward.

Organics 4 OrphansOrganics 4 Orphans 2

 A new group of students have just arrived.  They are already receiving practical lessons in the gardens of Kenya with Instructors who are experienced in this field.

Working in the gardens of KenyaWorking in Kenya 2Kenya Gardens

 Kelvin working the soil.  Other students planting organics.  Look at these vegetable gardens!!!

Without a doubt this will be most advantageous to our Liberian farmers who struggle so hard to feed their families.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU  to Dale Bolton, founder of Organics 4 Orphans, for inviting our students to come for training to Kenya.  What a privilege. Thank you to Carl Thompson from Kelowna, BC for connecting us to O4O, and introducing us to this fantastic program!

Provision of Hope is looking forward to our partnership with O4O and where this will go in the future. Our goal is to  help  Liberians achieve a better life  where they can grow their own food, and provide nutrition for their families.  There is no need for people to be poor.

“The Organics 4 Orphans initiative seeks to address extreme poverty by helping African communities move from food reliance into conditions of self-sufficiency – even into surplus. We’re doing this by equipping small-scale farmers with the resources and knowledge to farm organically and productively, and then asking those farmers to help the orphans in their communities. By alleviating the strain of food insecurity in poor, rural areas, Organics 4 Orphans creates capacity in those communities to care for orphans, the most vulnerable of the extreme poor.”  taken from their website.  

Organics 4 Orphans 80


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