Trip Highlights

What an amazing trip!  We accomplished so much in 3 weeks! 

Organic AgriculturePlanting Organic Seeds

 Instructors Dale Bolton ( red T-shirt) with Carl and Kathy Thompson and our local trainers Kelvin Taweh and Joseph Sackie who are digging the first Provision Gardens on Ma Esther’s land.  Wait until you see the children at work! We are making a shift from relief to development. 

Class room 1Workshop

We held a workshop with 50 plus people including NGO’s,  School Administrators and Agriculturalists all ready to start these nutritional gardens.  Without a doubt it will affect their diets in the months to come, boosting everyone’s immune systems.  Various schools are wanting to make this a part of their agricultural studies.

Dr. Christina HenaDr. Hena at work

 We brought in 2  physician packs from Health Partners International of Canada. In other words 4 large boxes of prescribed medicines.  Thank you Wesley Harmon for this blessing for the many poor in the Kakata region where Dr. Hena visits 33 remote villages.  Outside the clinic many were waiting their turn.

Ma Esther FamilyChristmas Gifts

 We had a BIG PARTY with Ma Esther and her children.  The children all had wrapped gifts.  They entertained us with beautiful songs, Bible verses and a fun filled drama!!!!  Later we sat down to a feast of food.  Ma Esther you are doing well for these children.  They are full of joy!!

Welcome BannerOtis Dyega Home

 What a WELCOME PARTY!!!  The children all came down the lane to meet me singing welcoming songs!!!  They prepared for days for this SPECIAL MOMENT.  I was so touched!!  I felt like a whole choir of angels came to greet me.  AND SUDDENLY it all made sense…. why I pour out my life on this nation.  

Beautiful ClothesMama Karen with the Children

 The children were all dressed in elegant clothes.  How beautiful!!!  Everyone looked amazing!!

Beautiful ClothingGift giving

 These are well cared for children.  Thank you Otis for the lovely gifts.  David and Lance love their shirts!!

Eric and Kamah 2Lovely Children

 Eric and Kamah and their beautiful children.  Kamah, Bernice, Mama Karen and Salome.

Gena with the ChildrenSalome and Ray Lyons

 Gena Conley is an expert in working with Children.  Salome finds Grandpa Ray and later had a long nap on his lap.  We had close to 100 children come out from the Caldwell Community, to join us in an hour of Story Time and Children’s songs.  Later they got popcorn, juice and candy. 

Beautiful GownsBernice loves her sun glasses

 Eric and Kamah with Sister Doris gowned us and gave us all gifts!!  Bernice is a friend to our grand daughter Aliya.  When we were sorting out the 300 + glasses for the elderly widows, we found a beautiful pair of pink sunglasses.  “Gramma, lets give these to Bernice!!!”  Of course we had to give her a photo of the birthday cake that Aliya made for Gramma Karen.  

What a privilege to work with our Friends in Liberia!!  There is SO MUCH MORE…coming next week!!

God bless you as you continue the good work!!! 


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