Ma Esther and her children have just been introduced to organic gardening.  The children are all excited to participate. They have easy access to water with the well that Life Water dug for Provision of Hope on this property.   Our trainers, Kelvin and Joseph came  to make the raised beds and teach them how to do this kind of gardening.

WateringMa Esther

Everyone at Ma Esther’s has helped to plant the seeds.  This is the dry season so they need to water the seeds daily.

Dale with Kelvin and JosephJoseph ready to plant

Dale Bolton, Founder of  Organics 4 Orphans is standing with our Liberian Trainers,  Kelvin Taweh and Joseph Sackie, who went to Kenya to attend the Organic Agricultural Training School.  They are back in Liberia as trainers for Six Upcoming Projects.  Ma Esther’s Garden is our first project.

Keeping the soil moist with mulch coverWatering the seeds

With  added nutrition to their diets through Organic Gardening we are expecting the children in our homes to develop a much stronger immune system.  Our goal is that the food grown will also help sustain this home.   We are focusing on 4 Key Goals:  Food Security, Nutritional Education, Disease Prevention, and Income Generation.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutrient Density Chart shows us the different foods, and which are higher in nutrition. 

Kale 1000 Kidney Beans 100 Grapes 31
Collards 1000 Tofu 86 White Potato 31
Bok Choy 824 Sweet Potato 83 Banana 30
Spinach 739 Sunflower Seeds 78 Chicken Breast 27
Arugula 559 Apple 76 Eggs 27
Cabbage 481 Peach 73 Peanut Butter 26
Romaine Lettuce 389 Green Peas 70 Whole Wheat Bread 18
Broccoli 376 Cherries 68 Feta Cheese 21
Cauliflower 295 Flax Seeds 65 Whole Milk 20
Green Peppers 258 Pineapple 64 Ground Beef 20
Artichoke 244 Oatmeal 53 White Pasta 18
Carrots 240 Mangoes 51 White Bread 18
Asparagus 234 Cucumber 50 Apple Juice 16
Strawberries 212 Corn 44 Swiss Cheese 15
Pomegranate Juice 193 Soybeans 48 Low Fat Yogurt 14
Tomato 164 Salmon 39 White Rice 11
Blueberries 130 Almonds 38 American Cheese 10
Iceberg Lettuce 110 Shrimp 38 Vanilla Ice Cream 9
Orange 109 Avocado 37 French Fries 7
Lentils 104 Skim Milk 34 Olive Oil 2
Cantaloupe 100 Walnuts 29 Cola 1

Our vision is to start Provision Gardens in many rural counties of Liberia.  We will keep you posted on our progress.

Each Project will have at least 10 raised beds.   Our cost is approximately $500 per project. This includes all the needed Garden Tools and the transportation costs for our Trainers.


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