Eric + Kamah are in their New Home

What a Happy Day for Eric + Kamah’s Children. The house is finished and they got to move in!!

The Children are waving to their sponsors and saying thank you to “every one” who gave in order to make this day possible! Eric and Kamah want to extend their appreciation to you too. What a joy it was for me to talk to them and the children on speaker phone just after they moved in. Everyone was so grateful and full of praises. Eric asked me to pray a blessing over them and their new home.

Each child has a story. Thank God today, they are no longer children at risk. They are loved and cared for in a safe environment. They have a Hope and a Future.

Home FinishedHappy Family plays soccer

This is a 1348 sq. ft home plus 193 sq. ft. of porches. The children love to play soccer and on this new property they have room. In the background you can see the outdoor kitchen and the laundry drying.

Living Room 2Children are so happy

This is the living room. Hopefully soon we will have funds to buy furniture. First they need bunk beds.

They need a tableEating Together

They also need a nice big table with chairs. There is something special about a family that shares food together.

Master Bedroom 3Master Bathroom 2

This is the Master Bedroom. They have 4 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This home is well built.

Outdoor KitchenDoing Dishes

This is the outdoor kitchen where they do the cooking. Efrance is washing the dishes.

It was our RAISE THE ROOF fundraising dinner in Mitchell, Manitoba in April that raised most of the funds needed to build this home. We had already purchased the land. This house took only 4 months to build. We are very pleased with the contractor’s workmanship. Life Water dug a bore hole well for us so we have very clean water, which is good to drink. We also have a generator house, and a generator.

Here is a list of items they will need for their home. If anyone would like to donate towards this we would be most grateful.

6 Bunk Beds $120 per bunk bed

12 Mattresses $80 each

Bedding for everyone, pillows, mosquito nets $200

Table and chairs $450

Living room set $500

Curtains $215.00






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