Provision of Hope continues to send out our Ebola Task Force Team to help fight the spread of Ebola.

Provision of Hope Ebola Task Force

Our Team goes out with sanitizing materials and buckets, along with training on how to do the proper hand washing. Their first assignment was to our 4 Children’s Homes, Foster Care Homes, Youth Center and our Widows.

Ma Esther's HomeShowing Ma Esther how to wash hands

Ma Esther and her children are getting their needed supplies and a lesson on how to mix the proper disinfectants. Showing the Children how to hand washEric and Kamah with Ebola Task Force

Teaching the children how to properly wash is very important. Eric & Kamah with their children receive the supplies.

Sumo our pharmacist shows the chiildren and Kamah how to mixt the solutionShowing the Gbour Children how to hand wash

Sumo, our pharmacist, shows Kamah how to mix the proper solution. They practise handwashing with the children.

Teaching the WidowsTask Force in Action

Daniel Coleman is teaching our widows all about Ebola Prevention. They also received sanitizing supplies.

Sanitizing Buckets 10Sanitizing Family Kit 10

These are the Sanitizing Buckets with spouts to keep the water virus free. The photo above is a Family Sanitizing kit.

Ebola Prevention with the widowsWidow Hand Washing 10

Our widows are being trained on Ebola Prevention and proper hand washing with antibacterial materials.

IMG_4244Donation to GSA 10

Malcolm Harris and Daniel Keamue met with Hon. Mary T. Broh to bring a donation of bags of rice and sanitizing buckets to the General Services Agency to be given to the Care Centers for Ebola. They were so appreciative. All the Care Centers need our help!!

We have so many people coming to us who are hungry and desperate for help ! I have never seen it this bad, in the 11 years I have worked in this nation.

AMBULANCE DRIVER’S VIDEO gives you a very good look at the dilemma this nation faces! Liberia has had over 2,458 deaths out of the 9,000 cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The outlook does not look good! We pray this will change and that this country will experience a break through.

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