Kelowna Walk raises over $ 3,000 for Education

Walk a Mile in My Shoes in Kelowna, BC raised over $ 3,000 at our 5th Annual Walk for Education for our children in Liberia, West Africa.  For many children in this country going to school is only a dream.  They simply do not have the funds. Many families hardly have enough food to eat, not to mention school fees.

Provision of Hope would like to thank everyone who participated in this event!  A special thanks goes out to Sarah Mooney who helped organize the walk again this year.   The Immaculata “Go Team” was back volunteering!  It’s amazing what we can do when we all join hands “together” for a worthy cause!!  Thank you ALL for coming to make this day a success!!!

50 Walkers gathered to participate ( including all children, and dogs…haha!!)
Registration Team
Gramma and Aliya
Karen Barkman with her Grand daughter Aliya.  ” This is the perfect event to get our children involved in, showing them how they can make a difference too! “

We had our Coins for Kids at the Walk . This is a project we are doing in order to buy our Hope Home children “extra” clothes at Christmas.   If anyone would like to have one of these coin collectors  please email and we will send you a Coin Collector! We will tax receipt all donations $20.00 and over.  When the containers are full, count it up and send in a cheque, or donate the equivalent on line.   Click on the DONATE button on our home page.

Bernice Roy
Our grand daughter Aliya who is 6 yrs old,  chose Bernice, for her coin collector! “Gramma, I have a lot of coins I could put in a jar for Bernice”  Really?!!!  ” Yes, I would like to buy clothes and some food for her!!”
Immaculata High Volunteers! Thank you so much for all your help!!

Immaculata Catholic Regional High School I love how you teach your Go Teams and your students in your Social Justice Classes how to participate in worthy causes that have an effect both locally and globally.   Your incentives to have them volunteer their time is exceptional! WE have received a lot of help from your students for several different “successful” projects we have carried out in Liberia.  The goat and chicken farm in Kpaytuo Village is just one example.  Take a look at SAVING THE LIVES OF CHILDREN AT RISK 

It was the Immaculata students at the Kelowna Global Citizen Millenium Development Challenge that won first prize of $ 5,000 for the Goat Farm and Feeding Center for malnourished Children  in Kpaytuo Village!

Candy Prize
John & Joyce Brinkerhoff’s grand kids win the candy box in one of the raffle draws!!

Everyone who walked got a “free” ticket to enter our raffle prize draw!

Anna Lisa Wiens wins Children of the World
Anna Lisa Wiens wins this beautiful work of art!  She also won the Bath & Body Gift!
William Baines wins Starbucks
William Baines wins the Starbucks package and the soccer ball!
Georgia Wins the African Art
Georgia Mooney wins the Hand Crafted African Art wall hanging.
Mae Clowe Winner
Mae Clowe wins Kristine Riley’s latest children’s book “Henrietta’s Garden”
Story Time
Author Kristine Riley reads her latest story “Henrietta’s Garden” If you would like to purchase any of her books go to
Sarah and Mom Alison
Sarah and Mom Alison. Thanks for all you did to make this day possible. Alison the coffee was perfect!!
Patrick Mooney
Patrick Mooney you did a great job on those hot dogs!! Yum!!
Young and old come
Our youngest attendee was little 2 week old Joseph Brinkerhoff with proud grandpa John! Thanks Oliver Gaucher who kept up with the best of the best, even though he is a young 85!! This is the reason we keep our walk to ONE MILE so everyone can join us!!

We are still taking in money for education.  Our expected costs for Education for this year will be close to 70,000.   We are already at  64,510.90.  This includes the first installment for this school year 2015/2016.  The second installment will be due in January.   We believe that Education helps a poverty stricken country to move forward. This is why we have a passion to educate as many children as possible in the better schools of Liberia.  This year we have funded 18 university and college students to school.  Altogether we have 141 students enrolled in schools across Liberia.

If any one would like to contribute to our Education Fund you are welcome to click here to do so.  If you would like to see a photo of the child or youth that you donated to, please do let us know and we will send it.

Hope for the Nations Fundraiser Page

Our goal is to raise $ 20,000 towards 2nd semester school fees.




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