Liberia Trip Highlights Part 2

We had a most wonderful time connecting with so many of our Liberian friends!

One of our most favorite times was with our dear widows.  Everyone of them could write a book on what they have suffered through.  These are our champions!

Widows web
These widows live on so little, yet their praises and worship are so sincere! When they sing, heaven opens up!!

We have over 200 widows on our rice distribution program. One center is in New Matadi in  Monrovia, the other is in Harper, Maryland County.  Both centers start with worship and prayer.

Widows web 2
Every widow gets a bag of rice with oil, vita cubes, soap and salt.

We continue to make beds and buy quality mattresses, mosquito nets, bedding and pillows for our dear widows who sleep on the floor. We do small renovations like fix leaking roofs, install locks, and new doors.   I LOVE seeing the “before” and “after” photos of this project which we call “Operation Mat to Mattress”  They go from a mat on the cold floor into a nice new bed with a premium mattress.

Beautiful Smile
Grandma ZaZay is sitting on her new bed with a BIG SMILE on her face!
Grandma Susan Doe is lifting her hands praising God for her new bed. The boys from our Discipleship Training Center are the volunteers who assemble the beds and buy the bedding. We include a BIG BAG of rice.

Every trip to Liberia there are so many opportunities to pray for people!  Of course this is one of our highlights.  Hearts are touched and lives are changed when God meets the tangible needs of His people.

Praying along the way
We stopped by to pray for this widow who had just had a surgery.

We had an amazing time at the “Kingdom Come Conference” with the Provision of Hope Intercessory Women.  These women are powerful prayer warriors!!  They go into hospitals and prisons sharing the word of God and praying for the broken.  When they have funds they will buy fruit juices and food items to take with them. They are bringing the light to many dark places! They would like to buy a small 3 wheeler taxi to become sustainable in their ministry.

Leadership Group
Standing with the Leaders of the Prayer Group. They meet and pray all night.
Leona the leader
Leona Wleh is the one who started this prayer group at the Buduburam Refugee Camp in 2009. She is a woman of faith and courage. One who is unstoppable! They now gather together in Liberia . God moves when they pray!

We went out to the Civil Compound School to check on the organic gardening projects and inspect the land that is now ready for the expansion of their rice field and the planting of cassava.  They have beautiful land, all they need is money for seeds and plants. Our goal is to help them grow crops to help their school needs.  This school is funded and operated by Serve the Children who we have partnered with in their agriculture projects.

Civil Compound School Web
Civil Compound School is in a farming community that is very poor, but rich in land. This is why we have chosen this school to partner with in organic gardening.
Civil Compound Leaders
Standing with the principals of two “All God’s Children” Schools and the Agriculturalist of Civil Compound School. We are discussing the steps forward to enhance the production of crops on their land. We are standing on rich soil. They are asking for help to get their crops in. It’s time for planting, just before rainy season.
Cabbage Harvest
Joseph Sackie is showing us how large the cabbages grew. This is at Civil Compound School where they harvested 250 cabbages.  Our Organic Team helped to plant and prune the cabbages. Always training students how this is done.
Growing Heatlh
Introducing the new curriculum “Growing Health” that we will be using in schools in rural farming communities. This curriculum is put out by Dale Bolton, founder of Organics4Orphans. It explains why we grow nutritious plants and why pure water is so important. Each page is loaded with valuable information.

Our main office is in the Discipleship Training Center.  Daniel Keamue is our accountant and is also the live-in dean at this house.  We are so proud of these young men, who are already strong active leaders.  Everyone who lives here is involved in helping with our work.

DTC Group
Presently we have 9 young men living in this house. Six of them are students.

We had several visits with the fellows at the DTC.  One night really touched our hearts as one after the other shared, how they hear God speak.  This led to sharing testimonies of their  journey and how grateful they are for what God has done in their lives!

Worshipping with the boys at DTC
Worshiping with the guys at the Discipleship Training Center.
Beach Soccer
The DTC boys had a soccer match on the beach close to our Guest House. We have some great soccer players!
Swim after soccer
Everyone cooled off in the water after the match.

We typically have a party with our leaders and the residents of the DTC,  the night before we leave Liberia.  This is always a time of honoring our staff, giving gifts and having some kind of special food.  This time we had a pizza party!!

Farewell Night web
Our staff gave us Team T-shirts!!

This was also a farewell party for Jacob Lotodo who served with Provision of Hope Liberia for 2 yrs. He came as an intern from Organics4Orphans in Kenya to help us in Organic Agriculture Training. Jacob is one of a kind!! Who stays during the heat of Ebola, while people in Kenya are begging you to come home?  Jacob you are a brave man!!  Not once did he get sick while he lived with us.  Why?  Because he takes moringa every day!!  He proudly pointed out that he had no mosquito net in his room.  Jacob is living proof that proper nutrition works to build your immunity to diseases.  Everyone is missing you in Liberia Jacob!!  They are inviting you back.

Jacob Farewell
Thank you Jacob!!  The knowledge you shared with us in Liberia will keep on growing!

There is so much more I could post about our trip to Liberia.

I want to thank all our dear friends who prayed for us during this trip.  With out a doubt we felt the strength of your prayers.  We all stayed strong and healthy!  God bless you!!


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