Liberia Trip Highlights Part 1

What a productive trip!  We traveled to so many areas, in such a short time! Little wonder we all came home very tired!

This time we took in boxes of Humanitarian Medical kits for primary care, packed with essential medicines and medical supplies which we received from Health Partners International of Canada.  What a great organization, devoted to helping the vulnerable in developing nations.    When Dr. Chris Hena with Healthy Women Healthy Liberia, saw the boxes of Azithromycin, she held one up and said “THIS IS HOLY WATER !!!!”   Pms-Azithromycin is an antibiotic used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria. We brought the pediatric oral kind.  It can save the lives of children with life threatening infections!

Holy Water 4
Dr. Hena was so pleased to see Azithromycin!
HPIC Drugs 2
Dr. Hena and her team were so thrilled to receive all these medications.  We brought in some that are not easily found in Liberia.

Dr. Hena  devotes her life to helping those who need medical treatment but have no money to pay for it.  Can you imagine a clinic that does not charge for medicines?  This is why we have chosen to bring in supplies for her, whenever we go. Her team goes out to 33  remote communities teaching them Primary Health Care and inviting those who are sick to come in to the clinic. We went out with her team and saw their work first hand.   Wow!  They are amazing!

Dressing Ulcerd  2
This man was getting a new dressing for an ulcerated leg. Others were in the waiting area, to be treated next.
Primary Health Educator 2
This is one of Dr. Hena’s Primary Health Educators in a remote village, teaching on strokes and high blood pressure and ways to avoid this. She did an excellent presentation on how to maintain good health.
Waterfield Primary Health Care Center 2
Dr. Hena’s new Health Care Center which is soon to be opened in Kakata.  What an amazing facility!
Sorting Medications 2
We gave some of the medicines to our 4 Children’s Homes and kept some on hand for our widows. This is Janjay Dyega who is one of our Nursing Graduates. He now runs a pharmacy/clinic in Buchanan.

We visited 3 of our Children’s Homes.  Every home had a warm welcome, and a beautiful program for us!  What a privilege to come into these lovely homes, and be so honored and loved by everyone!!  Dapae, our 4th Home Dad, came all the way from Maryland County to see us!

Our hearts were so touched to see the love and care that each child was getting in our homes.  Thank God for parents like these, who make a difference for children who are rescued from extreme conditions,  and give them a true sense of belonging and value.  “When I look into the eyes of these children, I see pure JOY!  Their eyes are full of HOPE!!

Beautiful Family 2
This is Eric and Kamah’s beautiful family. They now have 20 children! 5 are new ones. They all need sponsors so if anyone is wanting to sponsor a child we would be happy to hear from you. What a show, the children had for us, including their children’s ministry!! See the speaker on the patio!!  They had a live band, made up of the children!! They were all singing and dancing with loud speakers when we arrived!! Every child came up to the mic and greeted us!  Kamah cooked a BIG DINNER for us too! What a party!!
Family Pic 2
Ma Esther and her 16 children were all happy and doing well! We had fun watching their program and listening to them sing. There were smiles on every face.  Lots of laughing as they played their games!!  They prepared special dishes for us too!
Family Photo 2
The Dyega Family sang a welcome song as we pulled up in our car! They were all outside to greet us and give us flowers! Inside, they had a fantastic program where everyone took part. They had a big table spread with tasty African dishes prepared for our time together. It was a very special day!
Dapae 2
Dapae took a 2 day trip from Harper, Maryland to come in for a visit. Hopefully next year we can go to visit their home. Dapae is looking at the family calendar I made for them. They are doing well with their 17 children! It was great to catch up and listen to Dapae’s heart and vision for his home and church community.

Crystal and Cyrus Gray brought in a couple of suitcases filled with gifts for kids, games, soccer balls, flash lights, glow sticks, skipping ropes, pencil crayons, books, hair bands,  etc. etc. etc.  Wowzers!!  This is the most we have “ever” brought in at one time for our homes, including mp3 players!  Crystal you better be coming next trip, you left very BIG SHOES to fill… hahaha!!

Crystal and all the toys
Crystal is sorting out the suitcases of gifts for the Children’s Homes. Doesn’t she look great at 9PM after a very long hot day?!!!
Crystal and children 2
Crystal was always surrounded with children wherever she would go!
Cyrus loved the kids 2
The kids loved playing games with Cyrus!!
Cyrus with Salome
We have so many photos of Cyrus holding kids. They just naturally went to him, as though he was their big brother! It’s your gentle spirit Cyrus, they feel your warm heart!
Kristine with dresses 2
Kristine Riley brought a suitcase full of sundresses to share with all the girls. What a hit! Thank you Heather and friends who hand made these!!
Kris reads story 2
Young and old alike were captivated by Kristine’s Henrietta stories. She came with many copies and gifted her audiences with her books.
Mom Karen with Children 15
Gotta say, “I love stepping out of the vehicle and getting mobbed by the kids all coming for a hug!! “THAT is the inspiration, that keeps me going the extra mile!!”

I decided to call this Trip Report … “part 1”

There is so much more to report!!  Like I said, this was a most productive trip!!

I have new photos and letters for sponsors, that I will be sending out.

Thank you to those who carried us in your prayers!!  We felt the strength and power fill us daily!!

I always marvel at how God “hand picks” just the right people to make up our teams!!  He did it again!!  Thank you Crystal, Cyrus and Kristine for the gift you are to the many in Liberia, who call you mom, brother, or friend!!  They love you … and so do I!!


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