Refugees still struggling to make rent payments

Eddie and FamilyEddie & Harriet Nyeswah are one of many refugees who have resettled in Liberia, but are still struggling to make their annual rent payment.  Their rent for the next year is $ 420 USD.   It is due now, August 1, but they have no money to offer.  Since coming back to Liberia, Provision of Hope has been paying their rent.  Eddie has a small business, where he sells flip flops in a wheel barrow.  Provision of Hope gave him a micro loan of  $ 300.  The profits on this size a business are very low.  Eddie is making his payments, which is giving him good credit rating.  If he keeps this up, he will qualify for a larger loan in the future. At least with this loan he can provide their daily food.   It is always our goal to see families become sustainable.  It all takes time.  We helped Eddie and his family come home to Liberia, from the Buduburam Refugee Camp in 2014, right at the onset of Ebola.  Harriet has had medical treatment for health issues. They called their little baby girl “Miracle” because God spared her life through Harriet’s complications.   They also have a little girl, Maria, ( center photo) who was given to them, by a cousin who does not have any means to take care of her child.  If anyone could help with their rent, it would be much appreciated.

To donate towards Eddie’s rent CLICK HERE   If you like you could sign up for $ 35 per month, to help families like Eddie’s pay their rent.  Provision of Hope would connect you with families who are desperate, and qualify for help with their rent.  You would be a blessing!  We cater to families like Eddie’s who take in needy children, and to single mothers who struggle to keep their own children, but need help to do that.  COULD YOU HELP?

Eddie Nyeswah

Harriet and Miracle



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