New Home for Ma Esther’s Children

Provision of Hope’s new home for Ma Esther and her children is progressing well.


This is a 4 bedroom house with 2 full bathrooms, a large living room, a dining room and a shop attached to the house.  The shop is intended for Ma Esther’s future business.  The outside is primed, and all the windows and doors are in.


Here are photos of the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.  We are happy with how well things are progressing.   We have an engineer/architect who comes in regularly to inspect the workmanship of this project.  He is giving us very good reports, and adds his recommendations as we go along. We are confident this house is well built.


The ceramics in both bathrooms are well done.  The workmanship is very good.


Below is a look at one of the bedrooms and the shop which is attached to the house.


We are very grateful for all who donated towards this project.  Thank you to the Elm Creek and Pine Falls folks who came out to those fundraiser nights in Manitoba.    Thank you to everyone who came out to “Raise the Roof” in Mitchell. You are most amazing!  Barkman Concrete in Steinbach gave us a generous donation just before the fire in December 2014.  What a blessing this was!  Others of you donated for this emergency too. Your generosity made it possible to rent a home for Ma Esther and the children, buy bunk beds, blankets and clothing etc.  while we planned for the new building.


Ma Esther and her children are so grateful for all you have shared with them.  “May God bless you for all you have done for us”  You should have heard the children scream with delight when I announced that we would start rebuilding!!!  They cannot wait to be back home!

To finish this project we still have:  a)  $ 5,000 to complete the house  b) the outdoor kitchen  c) furniture for the living room and dining room d) shelves and a counter for the shop  e) crushed rock to put around the front of the house to keep the mud out.

Ma Esther and the children will move into the completed house, after their first semester of school is completed.  This will be the best time for them to transition over to their former school. Their rent, in the house they are in,  expires January 31st, 2017.

Our Organic Garden Team will be moving into the house until Ma Esther and the children move in . They will work on the organic gardens and be security for this new home.  The older children will be helping with the business as well as the gardens once they move in.   Lucy Wolo graduated from a tailoring school and is hoping for a sewing machine, to start custom tailoring.

Thank you sponsors and donors for all you are doing for the children of Liberia!



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