Educating GIRLS can change the world!!

Provision of Hope values GIRLS.  We want to see GIRLS reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams!

This month we are highlighting FAITH HINNEH.   Faith has passed the entrance exam for Cuttington University, the best school  in Liberia. If she can get the funding she will register for university this coming Tuesday, October 4th!  Her goal is to get a BSc in Nursing which she could get in 2 yrs. She finished a Professional Nursing Diploma in July 2015 with outstanding grades!  Faith received a partial scholarship for this program because of her high grades in high school!  Provision of Hope helped her with the additional funding needed to complete this diploma.  We are so proud of you Faith!


Faith  was an “A” student already in  high school. She is very focused with a compassionate heart to help others.


I first met Faith and her family in 2007.  Every year when we visit Liberia we go to their home. They are most welcoming, as you can see from the sign Faith made for me “MOM K  U  ARE  WELCOME”  They always make special food for our team and are so grateful that we spend time with them.  We have become very close friends!  Faith’s dad has a job at Firestone Natural Rubber Company as a mechanic.  His wages are low but he is grateful that he has a job.  Bindu has a small business. She goes to Guinea every few months to buy goods for her shop in the market. They work very hard for their small income.  Both Mike and Bindu love the Lord and reach out to others in their community.  They do not have the funding to help Faith to school.  This is why Provision of Hope is asking for help.  We know Faith would really benefit with further schooling and would give back to society. She has already proven her abilities and devotion to nursing.


After her graduation from January to August 2016, Faith worked at the Totota Health Center.  She earned a monthly wage  and has managed to put some aside for school fees at Cuttington University.  This is outstanding!  I was amazed at what she told me she saved, and that she could pay for her own board and room for one semester.  Faith is proving that she manages money well. If she already found a job, in a country where 80% are unemployed, I know that she will do even better after she gets her Bsc Degree. Faith comes from a poor family and does not have all that she needs to complete her tuition and registration.  We are hoping to raise $ 550 USD for her upcoming semester.  If you would like to help Faith Hinneh reach her goal, please consider donating.  Every $ 20 helps.  See the donate button below.

We can change the world by educating girls.    “Providing girls with an education helps break the cycle of poverty: educated women are less likely to marry early and against their will; less likely to die in childbirth; more likely to have healthy babies; and are more likely to send their children to school. When all children have access to a quality education rooted in human rights and gender equality, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come.”

In so many developing nations, girls are not at all equal to boys when it comes to education.  Often girls are forced to stay home and work or they get pregnant and drop out of school.  Many uneducated girls marry before the age of 18.

In Liberia, the girls have a much harder time getting an education than the boys.  According to Unicef the literacy rate for young men is at 68 percent vs young women at 37 percent.  Unicef also stated that Liberia has the most children out of school world wide. 

“It’s proven that when we invest in girls, they will give back in countless ways to improve the lives of their families, communities and nations.”  Plan International’s Program BECAUSE I AM A GIRL.


Written by  Karen Barkman






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